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101 Best Medical Marijuana Strains

Best Medical Marijuana Strains

Marijuana breeders and scientists are growing cannabis and crossbreeding marijuana strains to target the sources of particular desired effects from using marijuana strains to create unique, more sophisticated and more powerful strains of medical grade marijuana that produce various "highs" and treat the particular symptoms experienced by legal medical marijuana patients.  As the cannabis industry grows at rapid rates the number of commonly recognized medical marijuana strains is exploding.  Their are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of medical marijuana strains.

Top Weed Strains

Below is a list of 101 of the indica and sativa marijuana strains that we at have deemed the best buds on the market.  These strains are among the top currently used for medicinal purposes and can be bought in medical marijuana dispensaries or clinics in the U.S. by registered medical marijuana patients.

Big Buddha Cheese Strain

  1. AK-47
  2. AK-48
  3. Alien OG
  4. Amsterdam Flame
  5. Arjan's Haze #1
  6. Aurora B.
  7. B-52
  8. Bahia Black Head
  9. Banana Kush
  10. BC God Bud
  11. Belladonna
  12. Betazoid
  13. Bio-Diesel
  14. Big Buddha Cheese
  15. Black Domina
  16. Black Widow
  17. Bling strain
  18. Blue Berry
  19. Blue Buddha
  20. Blue Cheese
  21. Blue Dream
  22. Buddhas Sister
  23. Burmese Kush
  24. Casey Jones
  25. Chocolope
  26. Cinderella 99 x Panama Red
  27. D-Line (aka Chocolope)
  28. Double Diesel
  29. Double Dutch
  30. Durban Poison
  31. Dutchmen's Royal Orange
  32. Ed Rosenthal Super Bud
  33. F-13
  34. First Lady
  35. Fruit of the Gods
  36. Fruity Thai
  37. G-13
  38. Golden Haze
  39. Golden Goat
  40. Gonzo #1
  41. Grandaddy Grape Ape
  42. Grand Daddy Purple
  43. Grape Krush
  44. Grape Stomper
  45. Hashberry
  46. Hash Heaven
  47. Ice Cream
  48. Ingrid
  49. Island Sweet Skunk (ISS)
  50. Jack the Ripper
  51. Jack Herer
  52. Jack Flash
  53. Jilly Bean
  54. Juicy Fruit
  55. KC-36
  56. KC-45
  57. Kish
  58. Kiwiskunk
  59. Kushage
  60. LA Confidential
  61. Lowryder #2
  62. Mako Haze
  63. Martian Mean Green
  64. Motavation
  65. Mother's Finest
  66. Mount Cook
  67. Nuken
  68. NYC Diesel
  69. Opium
  70. Ogiesel
  71. OG Kush
  72. Posh
  73. Purple Kush
  74. Purple Passion
  75. Purple Rhino
  76. Romulan
  77. Sadhu
  78. Shiva Skunk
  79. Somaui
  80. Sour Cindy
  81. Sour Cream
  82. Sour Diesel
  83. Speed Queen
  84. Sputnik
  85. (Arjan's) Strawberry Haze
  86. SAGE
  87. Sweet 105
  88. The Purps
  89. T.N.R.
  90. Trainwreck
  91. True Blue
  92. (Argan's) Ultra Haze #1
  93. (Arjan's) Ultra Haze #2
  94. Venus
  95. Very Berry Haze
  96. White Berry
  97. White Rhino
  98. White Satin
  99. White Shark
  100. White Widow
  101. Wonder Woman

Indeed the list of quality medical marijuana strains and varieties goes on and on.  However the above list of 101 cannabis strain varieties serves as a solid stepping stone for medical marijuana patients interested in a variety of indica and sativa marijuana strains.

Every MMJ patient is different and many require certain portions of particular medical marijuana strains.   If you're a medical marijuana patient and haven't found the best medical marijuana strain for you, or if you just want to experiment with a multitude of different marijuana strains, keep looking, try the strains we've noted as the top weed strains available on the Colorado marijuana market at the time of this article or browse the Cannabis Strain List A to Z.  It's an excellent search tool for MMJ patients that are experimenting with different cannabis strains from different medical marijuana dispensaries in order to find the strain that meets their needs and/or desires the best. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the importance of marijuana seed which is very useful for human stress. It’s great news that 101 best medical marijuana strains use for reducing the human stress.

  2. Anyone know what dispensaries near Denver have the best selection of Indica strains?


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