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A Green Evolution that Has Nothing to Do with Energy and Everything to do with Green

 A Green Evolution that Has Nothing to Do with Energy and Everything to do with Green

Living green, green innovation, green progress, new green technology, and a green evolution. Turn the channel to CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg or any of the other financial television station; Flip through a recent version of Fortune 500, The Entrepreneur, or just about any other business magazine; turn on your radio, tho what channel doesn't much matter, what you'll find on all these mainstream channels of media is a salient theme voicing the concerns and opinions of activists, as well as individuals like yourself, through the familiar phrases above. Such phrases have become quite catchy and contributed to progress "the green movement" above.

Yet there is another "Green Movement" that has only begun to voice itself in recent years. However this "other" green movement has seen tremendous growth among supporters and politicians, and though it's influence has not reached the tremendous clout of the original green movement fueled by environmentalists, the new green movement gets stronger everyday, through scientific studies its voice gains more validity everyday and as it does it becomes bolder, through the sheer number of motivated and dedicated supporters and activists the voice of the new green movement is heard by more people everyday; the word continues to grow stronger and spread more rapidly.

By 'The New Green Movement' I am of course referring to the movement to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Don't get me wrong I am for legalizing recreational use of marijuana too, but we must pick our battles. Once the inevitable success and benefits of loosening litigation surrounding the use of marijuana and legalizing marijuana for medical purposes becomes apparent, it will spread from stat to state until the use of marijuana for medical purposes is legal across the entirety of our great nation. Change is often slow. Only then will the voice of those in support of the legal use of recreational marijuana be heard. Nevertheless, tremendous progress has been made in recent years.

Beginning this article with mention of the political, well publicized and by now well-know phrases 'green living', 'green innovation', 'green progress', 'green technology', and others, was not for the sole purpose of dubbing the movement for the legalization of marijuana as The New Green Movement, but also to bring light to the due importance of this movement to many and the tremendous advancements that have been made in the entire process of dispensing medical marijuana in a safe and efficient manner. Each of the phrases employed by the environmentalists can adopt new meaning and be applied with ease to the struggle to legalize marijuana for medical conditions: many suffering from terminal cancer, chronic pain, and other series conditions have found some relief in "living green," that is, medicating day and night with herbal marijuana remedies; "green progress" is being achieved in many areas, including regulating and controlling the sale of marijuana and generating money for the state through the tax of marijuana sales, obtaining some gauge on the amount of marijuana consumed by Americans and the money spent; "green technology" goes hand in hand with green progress and includes testing for purity of medical marijuana (insuring it is not laced with any "serious" drugs, or other unknown substances), botanical advancements in improving marijuana quality, and isolating and crossing certain strains of the marijuana plant in order to produce a medicine specific to, and effective in treating targeted medical conditions.

By no means does have I exhausted the benefits of the legalization of marijuana. In fact I have hardly skimmed the surface of this important topic. Thus I shall dedicate this blog to delving deep into the debate on the legalization of marijuana, and of medical marijuana more specifically. To do so I will keep readers (even if it is only myself) up-to-date on the latest news and developments pertaining to the legalities surrounding marijuana, from criminal charges brought against users to the passing of bills related to marijuana to current and unbiased tests and studies conducted and published on the affects of marijuana.

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