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Strainwise Dispensaries Review

Strainwise Dispensary - Colorado As one of the largest chains of weed shops in the state, Strainwise now owns and operates nine medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.  Strainwise dispensary locations are now open in Denver, Wheat Ridge, Idaho Springs and Central City. Strainwise MMJ Menu Review Without doubt, the MMJ dispensary menu at Strainwise dispensary locations is among the top in Colorado.  Strainwise dispensary menu features dozens of top-shelf cannabis strains, a large range of MMJ edibles, drinks and cannabis infused products, and high THC extracts and marijuana concentrates. Strainwise Dispensary Locations Map List of Strainwise Dispensaries in Colorado

Top 5 Telluride Marijuana Dispensaries

Where to Buy Rec Marijuana in Telluride Adults over the age of 21 can legally buy weed in Telluride from recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city.  Checkout the list below to locate the top rec pot shops in Telluride, Colorado. Telluride Recreational Dispensaries List & Map The map below is of recreational dispensaries in the mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. Here's a list of all the marijuana dispensaries that sell recreational pot in Telluride, Colorado. The list was last updated, 2022.     WKT name POINT (-107.8102031 37.9362137) Telluride Bud Company - Telluride - Marijuana Dispensary POINT (-107.8112054 37.93741070000001) Green Dragon Recreational Weed Dispensary Telluride POINT (-107.81216 37.9358055) Telluride Green Room POINT (-107.8110732 37.9373827) Delilah Retail Cannabis Dispensary POINT (-107.8132 37.9375183) Alpine Wellness

Lemon Sativa Strain Review

Lemon Sativa Overall Rating: 4/5 Type of weed: Sativa Appearance of Lemon Sativa: Light green, semi-dense, medium sized buds. How the Lemon Sativa strain weed smells: Citrus/Pine weed scent from this particular batch of Lemon Sativa strain marijuana. What Lemon Sativa tastes like: Lemony hemp weed taste. Lemon Sativa Strain Effects: Very high potency.  Strong cerebral head high.  Little to no body high. May make you feel...     Creative     Energetic     Happy     Hungry     Uplifted Lemon Sativa Helps with: Great for Relaxing and Increasing Appetite

Top Denver Colorado Marijuana Tours

Colorado is a great place to visit. This was true even before the legalization of weed. Now that marijuana is legal, visiting Colorado is a must for marijuana smoking tourists in other U.S. states and from countries all around the world.  Since the legalization of recreational marijuana a number of marijuana tour companies have popped up to meet the new demand for cannabis related trips to Colorado. No matter what you're into, if you smoke weed there is probably a Colorado marijuana tour that will catch your interest.  These companies offer dozens of different types of tours that let tourists inside different areas of the first legal marijuana industry in the United States. Colorado Dispensary Tours  Marijuana dispensary tours give tourists a look at the inner workings of a Colorado marijuana dispensary.  Denver dispensary tours bring you to a selection of the Mile High City's best dispensaries, where you can buy weed, learn about the business operations of marijua

Colorado marijuana sales up 10% in August

Marijuana sales in Colorado increased by 10% in August. The increase in marijuana sales is attributed mostly to the opening of additional (recreational) dispensaries across the state. The Colorado Department of Revenue announced Thursday that in August, customers bought more than $33 million in recreational marijuana — up from $29.7 million in July and $24.7 million in June. Consumers bought more than $32.2 million in medical cannabis in August. That’s up from $28.9 million in July and $28.6 million in June. The Cannabist reports that since Jan. 1, Colorado has brought in more than $45.2 million in taxes, licenses and fees for rec and medical marijuana. Information from:

Aurora Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Aurora, Colorado Recreational marijuana came to Aurora in October, 2014!  The city is now home to over two dozen retail MMJ shops.  Checkout the map and list below to find a good recreational marijuana dispensary in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora Colorado Recreation Marijuana Map Updated with new dispensaries on May 4th, 2015 List of Retail Dispensaries in Aurora Updated with new dispensaries on May 4th, 2015   Learn more about marijuana regulations in Aurora here .

Meroin Strain Review

Overall Rating: 5/5 Type of weed: Hybrid Appearance of Meroin Strain MMJ: Light green small fluffy buds. According to the budtender working at the dispensary, the tips of the leaves are slightly yellow because the last veg stage includes only water and no nutrients, which expunges the plant’s nutrients prior to harvesting.  I didn’t see much of this. How the strain smells: Distinct odor floral. Definitely can tell it was organically grown. What Meroin tastes like: Floral very pleasant to smoke – most of any bud I’ve smoked. Meroin Strain Effects: Head high time compression body buzzing mild euphoric heroin-like experience without couch lock. Handles my nausea without giving me munchies Meroin Helps with: Body buzz; Day time use; depression energizing; nausea

Where to Buy Clones in Denver, Colorado

Cannabis Clones in Denver Self-growing MMJ patients in Colorado can choose between planting seeds or clones to start growing up to six plants.  Clones are more expensive than seeds, but they're more likely to produce a successful crop of cannabis than are seeds. What are Clones? You can think of clones as baby marijuana plants, only these baby MJ plants don't start from seeds; they start from small branches taken from another marijuana plant, commonly referred to as a  mother plant . Unlike female marijuana plants that are used to grow cannabis flowers, mother plants never bud or produce any smokable marijuana.  The sole purpose of a mother plant is to produce clones that can then be replanted, flower and yield the type of high-grade cannabis you find at marijuana dispensaries. Typically clones are around 5 to 10 inches tall.  Denver MMJ Dispensaries that Sell Clones  A number of Denver dispensaries sell clones to MMJ patients that self-grow.  Checkout the map

Pure Medical Dispensary - Denver, Colorado

PURE Denver Dispensary Review PURE Medical is a well known and highly regarded Colorado marijuana dispensary with three MMJ shops in Denver. PURE Medical keeps it's shelfs stocked with dozens of top-grade cannabis strains. In addition to the great selection of buds, PURE Medical's dispensary menu has all Colorado's top marijuana edibles and extracts. PURE Medical even makes its own CO2 concentrate in-house, and it's a damn good one for those interested in getting quality TCH extracts in Denver. MMJ patients that buy weed at PURE Medical in Denver can expect excellent customer care from the dispensary's highly educated MMJ staff. All these factors have helped PURE Medical earn a spot among the most highly regarded pot shops in the Mile High City. Querkle (right) from PURE Medical Map of Denver PURE Dispensary Locations 3 Denver PURE Locations Address: 1133 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204 Phone: (303) 534-7873 Hours: 10am – 7pm Address: 5

Maggie’s Farm Dispensary Locations and Review

Maggie’s Farm Dispensaries View Maggie's Farm dispensary locations in Colorado . Maggie's Farm has dispensaries located in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Manitou Springs. Map of Maggie's Farm Locations Manitou Springs 141 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, CO 80829 RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA SALES ONLY Open 7 days a week, 8:00 am-7:00 pm Phone: 719-685-1655 Colorado Springs 818 E. Fillmore St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907 MEDICAL MARIJUANA SALES ONLY Open 7 days a week, 8:00 am-7:00 pm Phone: 719-358-8849 1424 S. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80905 MEDICAL MARIJUANA SALES ONLY Open 7 days a week, 8:00 am-7:00 pm Phone: 719-328-0420 Canyon City 3055 E. Hwy. 50, Canyon City, CO 81212 MEDICAL MARIJUANA SALES ONLY Open 7 days a week, 8:00 am-7:00 pm     Phone:  719-372-1014 Pueblo West 74 N. Component Dr., Pueblo West, CO 81007 MEDICAL AND RECREATIONAL SALES                                             MEDICAL HOURS: 8:00 am-7:00 pm  7 days

Flower Power Botanicals Dispensary | Fort Collins

Flower Power Botanicals Dispensary Review Medical : Yes Retail : Yes Address: 1308 Duff Drive Fort Collins, CO 80524 Retail Cannabis Pricing: $20 Grams, $60 Eighths, $110 Quarters and $420 Ounces Concentrates: Wax - $55/g Shatter - $60/g Bud Run - $65/g MMJ Strain Menu and Pricing at Flower Power Botanicals

Ganja Gourmet MMJ Edibles Shop | Denver, Colorado

Ganja Gourmet MMJ Edibles Dispensary Review Dispensary Location: 1810 South Broadway    Denver, CO 80216 Website

Green Man Cannabis Dispensary - Downtown Denver

Green Man Downtown Review Address: 1355 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204 Phone:(720) 842-4842 Hours: 10:00 am – 6:45 pm

Buddy Boy Brands Dispensary Review - Denver, Colorado

Buddy Boy Dispensaries There's a new major player in the Colorado MMJ dispensary scene - A chain of dispensaries doing business under the name Buddy Boy Brands. Buddy Boy Brands already has seven stores in the Mile High city and has already announced plans to open its eighth Denver dispensary in the near future. Buddy Boy Dispensary Menu Specials Specials: Until the end of July 2014, Buddy Boy Brands is running one of the hottest MMJ specials in Denver. What kind of deal can you get? Buddy Boy BOGO (July, 2014) - Sign up as a member at any Denver location and Buddy Boy Brands will match your purchase on up to an ounce of high-grade cannabis. That's right...they'll give you up to an ounce of FREE WEED (when you buy an oz)! This BOGO deal is good at all 7 of Buddy Boy's Denver dispensary locations. Keep in mind that this deal is only available to Colorado residents with a valid medical marijuana card and ends at the end of this month. I've a

CPM Dispensary Review - Lakewood, Colorado

Compassionate Pain Management - Lakewood CPM's Lakewood dispensary location services medicinal patients only; meaning that you need to have a valid Colordo MMJ card to buy weed at this shop.  For retail sales checkout the CPM dispensary in Louisville . Dispensary Address:  11950 West Colfax Lakewood CO, 80215 Phone: (303) 232-3620 Hours Mon-Fri — 11AM-6:45PM Sat-Sun — 10AM-6PM

Black Hawk Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

Where to Buy Recreational Weed in Black Hawk, Colorado Black Hawk, Colorado has long been known for its casinos. Residents of Colorado travel from all across the state to gamble at the handful of casinos located in Black Hawk .  Now, with the legalization of recreational pot, there's another good reason to come to visit Black Hawk when your in Colorado.  So far in the first half of 2014, 2 legal recreational dispensaries have opened for business and are now selling weed to anyone over age 21.  So why not pick up a bag of fine Colorado weed next time you go to the casino in Black Hawk.  It could make the slot machines a little more interesting. Black Hawk Retail Pot Dispensaries List Dispensary Company Name DBA Retail Store Name Dispensary Location ALTERNATIVE HOLISTIC HEALING LLC ROCKY MOUNTAIN ORGANICS 5412 Hwy 119 Black Hawk 80422 ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL SUPPLIES LLC ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL SUPPLIES 9 Karlann Drive Black Hawk 80422 If you think you migh

Fresh Baked Dispensary Review - Boulder, CO

Fresh Baked Dispensary Review  Fresh Baked Boulder Location Fresh Baked 2539 Pearl Street              Boulder, CO 80302 See map of Fresh Baked and other Boulder recreational dispensaries here .

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map