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Relax with Bordello from Kind Love

Bordello strain from Kind Love Bordello strain from Kind Love marijuana dispensary in Denver . A heavy indica testing with a THC level just over 15 percent!

Google Searches for Colorado Marijuana Up Big

Worldwide Google Search volume was up 47% for the phrase "colorado marijuana" the week leading up to 420 this year.  Just thought that was kind of interesting. As a Colorado SEO Expert noted in an interview last week, "this is a significant increase in worldwide search volume for a regional phrase like 'colorado marijuana'. We can say with near certainty" Mr. Chierotti continued, "that the spike in Google searches for 'colorado marijuana' is a direct result of the approaching marijuana holiday that takes place on April 20th and is known as 420".   Even before Amendment 64, Colorado's 420 gatherings, most notably those that were held at the University of Colorado at Boulder , were known around the world by marijuana users and enthusiasts.

Crazy Train Marijuana Strain Review

Qrazy Train Strain by Northern Lights Cannabis Co  Qrazy Train is a top-shelf hybrid marijuana strain available at a handful of dispensaries around Colorado .  The Qrazy Train I picked up at Northern Lights Cannabis Co in Denver, Colorado was one of the best batches of a 50/50 hybrid weed I've seen in a while; and that's saying something because 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid marijuana strains are my go to. Qrazy Train Marijuana Strain Information Like I said this is a great 50/50 hybrid strain and it's super potent.  It smokes nice and doesn't get you too tired, so in my opinion it feels much more like a Sativa strain. Like wax out of vape pens ? Try smoking Crazy Train wax with a vape pen. It's top-notch! Below you'll find some more information on Qrazy Train strain marijuana. Strain Type: Hybrid - 50% Indica; 50% Sativa THC content: 22.2% (Very Powerful) CBD content:  < 0.4% CBN content:  < 0.2% Recreational Price: $40 per eight 

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map