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Jack Flash Marijuana Strain Review & Info


Jack Flash Strain

Marijuana type: Indica dominant hybrid (usually around 60% Indica/40% Sativa)
Lineage/Genetics: Jack Herer x
Awards: Cannabis Cup Winner
Price: $40 to $60 per 1/8oz or $300 to $400 per oz
Flowering Time: 8 to 10 weeks
Typical Yield: Heavy

Jack Flash Strain Review

You don't need to be a bud-tender or weed connoisseur of any kind to have heard of the renowned line of Jack marijuana strains. If you've ever been into a pot dispensary then you've probably seen at least one of the Jack strains featured on the dispensary menu, and if you've been using high-grade weed for recreational purposes for a decent amount of time, then chances are you've smoked a Jack marijuana strain before. Decedent of the famous Jack Herer strain, an extremely popular and well known strain of indica medical marijuana, Jack hybrid strains are normally an excellent choice for marijuana users looking for a good indica/sativa high.

A popular pick at pot shops, Jack Flash is a common strain of cannabis used by medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike.  While not among the highest ranking indica dominant marijuana strains in terms of THC content, Jack Flash cannabis is nonetheless a very strong strain of marijuana, with THC levels normally well above the average THC levels of weed sold from medical marijuana dispensaries.

Jack Flash strain effects often include a relatively long lasting high.  Users of Jack Flash strain will normally get what they'd expect from a high quality Indica dominant cross, that is usually around 40% Sativa, i.e. a strong, feel good, cerebral buzz, or head high, accompanied by an equally powerful body high.

Growing Jack Flash Marijuana

With optimal growing conditions for the growth of Jack Flash strain cannabis occurring in the Mediterranean, Jack Flash is a marijuana strain that can be successfully grown outdoors in regions that have a long summer and have generally warm climates with sunny skies.  If you're not fortunate enough to enjoy the right climate to grow Jack Flash strain marijuana outdoors, Jack Flash does great when grown indoors using a hydro setup and artificial lighting.

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