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White Shark Strain Review

White Shark Medical Marijuana Strain White Shark , also referred to by many as Peacemaker , is a marijuana strain that produces dense colas  with a heavy coating of resin, and earning the 'white' in its title "white shark".  White Shark buds are of a slightly lighter tone than  most  strains of marijuana and reveal an ample amount of hairs that should be dark orange to brown in color.  White Shark produces a fruity odor that is fairly pungent. White Shark Review White Shark Potency and High White Shark is a High Potency strain of cannabis, with THC levels ranging from 15% to 20% when properly cultivated and cured .  As an indica dominant strain, parented by Super Skunk, and Brazilian and South Indian Strains, White Shark gets the 'shark' in it's title from the intense body buzz it bestows before your bowl is cashed.  Still some mild effects common to  sativa strains are evident in the White Shark high.   White Shark Medical Qua

Colorado Marijuana Lawyers | Mark P. Miller

 Colorado Marijuana Lawyers Mark P. Miller Attorney Contact Info: 2700 W. Evans Ave STE 100 Denver, CO 80219 Mark P. Miller is a respected attorney at law.  As an contributing member of the NORML Legal Committee (National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws) and active participant with Sensible Colorado, is no stranger to fighting and defeating all sorts of drug related charges.  Mark Miller specialized in criminal defense and assistance for MMJ Dispensaries, care-givers and patients.  We solute you Mark Miller, for adamantly defending the rights of medical marijuana users, caregivers, MMJ dispensaries and cultivators.  

Jack Herer Strain Review | Marijuana Strain Information

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review Jack Herer strain, named in honor of pro-cannabis and hemp activist, and author of two books including The Emperor Wears No Clothes , which has since been used in several efforts to decriminalize the use of cannabis. Jack Herer Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid Haze crossed with Red Skunk Strain.  The buds of Jack Herer marijuana are a distinct, light green tone.  The smell is one of a citrus haze coupled with a slight scent of the classic fresh cannabis skunk scent.  The buds themselves are fairly dense, thick nugs, that can easily be broken up with ones hands.  Not only did Jack Herer's dedication to promote pro-marijuana legislation earn him his own signature marijuana strain, but in 2003 he was inducted into the Counter Culture Hall of Fame at the 16th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. The Jack Herer marijuana strain is a unique cross.  It's not difficult to tell that Jack Herer is a Sativa dominant marijuana strain.  Howev

Blueberry Medical Marijuana Strain Review, Info & Effects

Blueberry Strain Review Blueberry marijuana strains.  This beautiful berry marijuana strain, in a similar fashion to its accomplice - the AK-47 marijuana strain - is among the most well know and favored cannabis strains for both growers and medical marijuana patients.   Blueberry marijuana is a sativa/indica blend, however, most varieties of the blueberry marijuana strains are indica dominant.  It doesn't take to many experiences with Blueberry before one realizes that indica dominant sativa/indica blends make up the large majority of Blueberry marijuana strains. Given the "berry" name it should come at no surprise that Blueberry Maryjane admits of a strong, almost intense, yet pleasant and citrus fruit aroma and fruity taste that often accompanies many of the "fruity" or "berry" marijuana strains. Blue berry Strain Inf ormation Blueberry's Potency Blueberr y is with out any question one of the more powerful Indica marij

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