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Colorado marijuana sales up 10% in August

Marijuana sales in Colorado increased by 10% in August. The increase in marijuana sales is attributed mostly to the opening of additional (recreational) dispensaries across the state. The Colorado Department of Revenue announced Thursday that in August, customers bought more than $33 million in recreational marijuana — up from $29.7 million in July and $24.7 million in June. Consumers bought more than $32.2 million in medical cannabis in August. That’s up from $28.9 million in July and $28.6 million in June. The Cannabist reports that since Jan. 1, Colorado has brought in more than $45.2 million in taxes, licenses and fees for rec and medical marijuana. Information from:

Aurora Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Aurora, Colorado Recreational marijuana came to Aurora in October, 2014!  The city is now home to over two dozen retail MMJ shops.  Checkout the map and list below to find a good recreational marijuana dispensary in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora Colorado Recreation Marijuana Map Updated with new dispensaries on May 4th, 2015 List of Retail Dispensaries in Aurora Updated with new dispensaries on May 4th, 2015   Learn more about marijuana regulations in Aurora here .

Meroin Strain Review

Overall Rating: 5/5 Type of weed: Hybrid Appearance of Meroin Strain MMJ: Light green small fluffy buds. According to the budtender working at the dispensary, the tips of the leaves are slightly yellow because the last veg stage includes only water and no nutrients, which expunges the plant’s nutrients prior to harvesting.  I didn’t see much of this. How the strain smells: Distinct odor floral. Definitely can tell it was organically grown. What Meroin tastes like: Floral very pleasant to smoke – most of any bud I’ve smoked. Meroin Strain Effects: Head high time compression body buzzing mild euphoric heroin-like experience without couch lock. Handles my nausea without giving me munchies Meroin Helps with: Body buzz; Day time use; depression energizing; nausea

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map