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Compassionate Pain Management (CPM) Dispensary - Louisville, CO

CPM Dispensary Review Compassionate  Pain Management of Louisville is now open for retail sales.  That's right, now anyone over 21 can  legally  buy weed from CPM's  Louisville dispensary location! From my thus far limited experience with Louisville's CPM Dispensary , I must say Compassionate Pain Management is one of Boulder's finest medical marijuana service providers. They offer a large range of services including medical marijuana physician evaluations to some of the fines herbal remedies found in Colorado. From their welcoming waiting area, to their personal and knowledgeable staff, my experiences at Compassionate Pain Management have been a delight. They offer a large variety of indicas and sativas employ staff that know the medical qualities of all of their many strains. Dispensary Details : Compassionate Pain Management 1116-7 W. Dillon Rd. Louisville CO, 80027 Phone: (303) 232-3620 CPM Dispensary Menu Below you will find a list

Cherry Creek Health Review

Cherry Creek Health Medical Marijuana Dispensary Info: Address:  155 Cook Street STE 150 Cherry Creek, CO 80206 Phone: (303) 388-0086 Primary Contact: Collin Olmstead Cherry Creek Health is a marijuana dispensary in Cherry Creek, CO. Living up to Cherry Creek's reputation come of being up tight, this is the only dispensary that requires you RSVP by appointment. Maybe their just that busy; maybe it's just that good...I plan to find out shortly, but have not had the chance just yet.

Indicas - Indica Dominant Medical Marijuana Strains

Indica Marijuana Strains Indica is one of three species of the genus cannabis. This family includes: cannabis (sativa), cannabis (indica), and rudaralis. Cannibis indica plants are shorter, fatter and tend to be denser than are sativa marijuana plants . It is believed that Cannabis Indica plants first originated in the areas surrounding the Himalayas in Asia. Indica Weed Strains There is another difference between Indica and Sativa marijuana strains however, a difference with of which patients of medical marijuana should concerned with and made more aware. This importance difference is between the type of high that each species provides the patient. While sativa strains are often said to provide an energetic, uplifting hea d high , strains of indica are know to give you what is commonly referred to as a "body high".   All the Indicas fo und on the list of medical marijuana strains below are quality indica dominant ca cannabis strains.  Indicas Afg

Sativa Strains

Sativa Marijuana Strains While the Indica species of the Cannabis genus is a relatively short plant, ranging anywhere from 2.5' to 6.5 feet tall, its polar opposite, the Sativa species often grown to be 7 to over 23 feet tall, though on average they range between 7 and 12 feet. Varieties of Sativa usually have a fruity, sweet smell to them which, with several strands, percolates through to the taste on the exhale. Again, in contrast to its nemesis, Indica , which provides one with a body high, Sativa strains are generally said to deliver a "mind high," characterized by energetic or uplifting feelings. Powerful Sativas Cough Diesel x Big Bud NYC Diesel Blue Dream Bio Diesel Headband Diesel Blue Dream #2 Mandarin Haze Power Plant Lemon Haze Juliet White Widow These are just a few of the huge number of great Sativa weed strains that can be found on the menus of MMJ dispensaries in Colorado.

Denver Head Shops | Smoke Signals | Colorado Marijuana Connection Rating and Review

Smoke Signals Smoke and Head Shop Rating and Review Colorado Medical Marijuana Connections Company Information: Smoke Signals 2880 South Broadway Englewood, CO 80113 (303) 781-3533 ‎ Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM Everyday Smoke Signals has an excellent assortment of smoking devices and accessories and is strategically located near The University Of Denver, and amidst over a dozen medical marijuana dispensaries within a ten to fifteen mile proximity. Again, the selection is fabulous, far larger and with more diverse and quality pipes, bongs, vaporizers, bubblers, and much more. It's a huge floor plan for a smoke shop and Smoke Signals fills it well. Plus they seems to stay fairly busy. One major downfall, however, is the prices which are simply outrageous. Personally, I'm willing to spend over $100 for a pipe, much less $600. In part because I can't go three months without loosing or breaking a pipe, but most of all those prices are just out of line.

Colorado Alternative Medication (CAM) Dispensary Review

CAM Dispensary - Denver CAM Dispensary Information: Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM) 2394 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210 Hours: 11 AM - 7 PM Colorado Alternative Medicine Review If Colorado Alternative Medicine's catchy logo design "CAM," easily viewable from a crowded section Broadway Ave., doesn't bring you in to visit the caregivers at Colorado Alternative Medicine for your medical marijuana needs, their wide variety of medical marijuana strains and occasional specials will likely catch the attention of Colorado MMJ patients. Colorado Alternative Wellness is one of several  Denver medical marijuana dispensaries  located excellent locations on Broadway Ave. in Southwest Denver.  Colorado Alternative Wellness occupies a slightly nicer than usual building than most Denver medical marijuana dispensaries. If is you're first time there expect to spend 15 - 30 minutes for the staff at CAM to copy and process your paperwork.

Mile High Remedies Denver Marijuana Dispensary Review

Mile High Remedies Denver, Colorado Dispensary Information:  Mile High Remedies 4155 E Jewell Ave. Suite 310 Denver, CO 80222 303-419-3896 Mile High Remedies offers a wide range of services includes doctor evaluations, medicine, edibles, tinctures, lotions, clones, and pipes. Though the clones did not look that healthy and the prices were seemed a little steep across the board. If you decide to let Mile High Remedies be you're primary caregiver, they give you a 10% discount on all purchases, which really only brings the price down to average, about $50 for one eighth. So far I have only tried their free "initial mid-grade" medical marijuana, and with plenty of several seeds and plenty of stems, I was less than satisfied. However, the caregiver did warn it was for beginners to build up tolerance.

The Herbal Center | Denver Marijuana Dispensary Review

The Herbal Center (THC) Dispensary Review The Herbal Center (THC) 1909 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210 The Herbal Center of Denver Dispensary Review The Herbal Center (THC) Featured Cannabis Strains: White Widow Durban Poison Ultimate Indica Mr. Miyagi Power Plant Opium AK-47 Afghan Kush Bubblegum   Sour Diesel XXX Sour Maui While I've had several experiences now at The Herbal Center (THC), I've still only been able to sample a selected variety of their strains, and edibles including Mountain Medicine medicines as well as in-house and a variety of other edibles. For this reason the current rating above, is only a standing rating and is likely to change as our Marijuana Review Crew samples additional medicinal products from The Herbal Center (THC). I must say that my first impression was that the place was a bit "ghetto," from the clientele exiting THC's facility, to the one way white shaded windows. Once checked

Indica Medical Marijuana Plants - Colorado Cannabis Species

Indica Medical Marijuana | Colorado Cannabis Species   Indica is one of three species of the genus cannabis, a family that includes: cannabis (sativa) cannabis (indica) and rudaralis. Cannabis sativa plants tend to be tall,skinny with long leaves. Cannabis indica plants are shorter,fatter and tend to be denser. Rudaralis is not very common for production due to the fact the plant does not flower based on season, but rather on plant maturity, and contains small amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but is sometimes crossed with other species to shorten flowering time. There is another difference between Indica and Sativa however, a difference that patients of medical marijuana should be concerned with and made more aware. This importance difference is between the type of high that each species provides the patient. Strains of indica are know to give you what is commonly refferred to as a "body high," as oppose to a "mind high".

Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

Juicy Fruit Marijuana Juicy Fruit refers to a particular strain of potent indica buds that is commonly used for medicinal purposes. When cured properly Juicy Fruit is of a neonish-green color with dabs of purple and red, and visible crystals. It is of the indica species of the genus cannabis, meaning it provides more of what has been termed a "body high" as oppose to a "mind high".  Juicy Fruit Strain Info Juicy Fruit Potency Juicy Fruit has High potency with a normal THC content of 15% to 20%. Juicy Fruit Medical Qualities Because Juicy fruit is a High potency indica it provides particular relief to patients suffering from Insomnia, Anxiety, and Joint Pain.

Broadway Wellness MMJ Dispensary Reviews - Denver, CO

Broadway Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary Dispensary Location: Broadway Wellness 1290 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210 Phone: (303) 997-8413 Hours of Operation: 10 AM - 10 PM Broadway Wellness Dispensary Review Broadway Wellness is a cannabis clinic and caregiver located in southwest Denver , bordering Englewood, Colorado. With a nice greeter giving immediate attention to patients, a comfortable waiting area with clean couches, diverse reading material and hip music, Broadway Wellness entrance and greeting offers a is a pleasant experience. They've got a good selection of buds, hashes, kiefs, edibles as well as glassware and vaporizers. Perhaps most impressive about Broadway Wellness, however, is their large selection of quality clones. In addition, the personal at Broadway Wellness, from the front desk attendant to the owners, are givers and close specialists came off as very knowledgeable and personal. So far the only strains of Broadway Well

America's First Ban on Marijuana

The Criminalization of Marijuana in America Where did America go wrong with our policies regarding the use of marijuana? What driving forces are responsible for the stigmatization surrounding and policies forbidding the use of an herb that grows naturally from the earth's soil and can be utilized in so many ways that are beneficial to our health, our economy and, in turn, our society and the very world we reside in? The Bill that Banned Marijuana Surprisingly the origins are not as difficult as one might think to trace back. The first blow came with the 1937 Marijuana Act pushed forward by Harry J. Anslinger, the first ever to fill the position of Commissioner of the Treasury Department's Federal Bureau of Narcotics. At the time that he 1937 Marijuana Bill was passed, Anslinger was in office for seven years. However the exact details leading up to the bill that banned marijuana in 1937 become quite complex and, as many living today can testify, the conseq

A Green Evolution that Has Nothing to Do with Energy and Everything to do with Green

 A Green Evolution that Has Nothing to Do with Energy and Everything to do with Green Living green, green innovation, green progress, new green technology, and a green evolution. Turn the channel to CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg or any of the other financial television station; Flip through a recent version of Fortune 500 , The Entrepreneur , or just about any other business magazine; turn on your radio, tho what channel doesn't much matter, what you'll find on all these mainstream channels of media is a salient theme voicing the concerns and opinions of activists, as well as individuals like yourself, through the familiar phrases above. Such phrases have become quite catchy and contributed to progress "the green movement" above. Yet there is another "Green Movement" that has only begun to voice itself in recent years. However this "other" green movement has seen tremendous growth among supporters and politicians, and though it's influence has n

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