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MMJ Dispensaries vs Caregivers vs Collectives

Colorado Dispensary, Caregiver or Collective/Cooperative What's the Difference and Which is the Best?   Colorado medical marijuana patients who can present a valid Colorado medical marijuana card or license can now legally purchase cannabis and other MMJ products from Colorado state licensed, taxed and regulated medical marijuana businesses.  Colorado medical marijuana businesses that sell cannabis and other medical marijuana products directly to consumers, which in this case are Colorado medical marijuana patients, come in three forms. Colorado medical marijuana businesses that distribute, sell or provide medical marijuana or other cannabis infused products directly to Colorado medical marijuana patients - i.e. Colorado medical marijuana providers - operate using one of three legal business models.  Most of these medical marijuana businesses provide medical marijuana, hash, marijuana edibles and other cannabis infused items and MMJ accessories to Colorado medical marijua

Banana Kush MMJ Strain Review + Info

Banana Kush Strain Medical Marijuana Bannana Kush Strain Review Overall Grade: A- Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid Appearance: Appealing, glowing light green  Smell/Taste: Pungent, earthy citrus Effects: Calming, feel good buzz Dispensary:  The Herbal Center in Denver Banana Kush Strain Info Strain Type/Genetics / Lineage Banana Kush is a potent indica dominant strain that can be found at many Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics.  Banana Kush strain medical marijuana is a hybrid kush strain . Appearance and Texture of Banana Kush Weed Banana Kush marijuana buds are ultra pleasing aesthetically .  Not a ton, but just enough thick orange coli jut from the glowing light green Banana Kush strain nugs.  In addition, the texture of Banana Kush is just right, not two dense, yet not too fluffy and not to much loose greenery.  The Banana Kush strain belongs on a calendar for it is surely one of the top twelve best looking med

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map