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Golden Goat Marijuana Strain Review, Info + Pictures


Golden Goat Strain Review

Golden Goat Strain medical marijuana is a popular cannabis strain among Colorado medical marijuana patients.  It seems to fly off the shelves at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries and is so for good reason.

Golden Goat Strain Info

Golden Goat Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Golden Goat Strain Info

Overall Grade: A

Strain Type: Satvia Dominant Hybrid

Appearance: Bright light green; light orange hairs; dense.

Smell: bland scent before grinding; pungent, sweet, citrus lemony odor once ground or broken.

Taste: sweet, dank citrus taste with a heavy smoke

Effects: strong yet mellow mind high with relaxing body high

Duration: 1 dose (0.7 grams) should last 2 to 3 hours

Characteristics of Golden Goat Marijuana Strain



Strain Smell:

Golden Goat strain medical marijuana has a somewhat weak or bland odor before its broken or ground.  Once broken apart, or gowned in a bud grinder, however, golden goat medical marijuana emits a very pungent, yet indeed pleasant, sweet lemony citrus scent.

Strain Appearance / Texture

Very light green nugs covered with hairs that are a very unique, bright orange, almost gold tone.  Golden Goat's unusually light green tone, taken together with the strains stunningly bright hairs can yield nugs that at first sight appear to have a gold glow.  All in all, Golden Goat strain medical marijuana rates perfect in appearance.  Golden Goat nugs are very dense.  Not sticky or fluffy in texture like many strains of medical marijuana.

Golden Goat Strain Effects

Golden Goat strain medical marijuana is a potent strain of medicinal cannabis with noticeable effects common of both sativa and indica marijuana strains.  It provides an energetic, yet mellow mind high.  A small amount, or single dose (say 0.7 grams) of Golden Goat strain medical marijuana will provide mmj patients with a good high that one can still function or work properly while under the influence of.  Smoking a blunt of Golden Goat medical marijuana, on the other hand, will typically provide medical marijuana patients with a very strong and cheerful mind high typical of strong indica cannabis strains accompanied by a extremely relaxing body high, common of top-shelf indica marijuana strains.

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