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Alien OG Strain Review | Medicinal Cannabis Strains - Alien OG

Alien OG Medical Marijuana Strain Review
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Alien OG Strain is a grade-A cannabis strain often in stock at several Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries and popular among many mmj patients in Colorado.

Alien OG Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Odor / Sent

Before breaking or grinding the buds of Alien OG medical marijuana, the strain lets off a strong fruity citrus, skunk like scent.  Once Alien OG buds are broken or cut in a medical marijuana grinder jar, the already storm odor of Alien OG increases tenfold.  After Alien OG strain medical marijuana nugs are broken or put through a herb grinder jar, the citrus sent seems to overpower that of the previously prominent skunk scent, and become even more pungent and powerful.  

Smoking Alien OG strain medical marijuana yields the similar results; the scent of Alien OG medical marijuana smoke reeks of an overwhelming fruity skunk odor.  With that said, be careful and use extra caution when trying to conceal the strong aroma of Alien OG medical marijuana strain.  You may want to double bag this strain, if keep it in a odor sealed legal bud stash jar or container.

Alien OG Strain Medical Marijuana Review: Smoke / Effects

Smoking Alien OG strain medical marijuana is a heavy smoke that delivers an almost immediate head rush upon exhaling.  A good medical marijuana strain for the active, or day time medical marijuana patient,  Alien OG leaves provides an enjoyable and energetic head high as well as a feel good body high.  

Alien OG Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Appearance / Texture

Alien OG medical marijuana buds are very dense, much more so than most marijuana strains available at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.  Each Alien OG nug is hard with tightly knitted greenery covered in dark peach color hairs.  The overall color of Alien OG cannabis buds is a light tone of green, with coated with white crystals, making for a rather attractive medical marijuana strain.

Alien OG strain is a top-shelf medicinal cannabis strain that can be found at many Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.  To find Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, medical marijuana strain information, Colorado MMJ doctor referrals, delivery services, Colorado hydroponic grow stores or gardening shops and more follow the link below.

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