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Durban Poison Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Durban Poison Strain Review Durban Poison Marijuana Strain Info Overall Grade: A Nickname(s): Durban Marijuana Type: Sativa THC Content: 14% to 16% Buzz -  Strong, Head High Durban Plant Yield: High Flowering Time: 55-60 days ( 8-9 weeks) Seed Price: $24-$44 per 10 seeds  Where to Buy Durban Poison Seeds: Sensi Seeds , Flying Dutchmen, Weed Seed Shop and White Label Seeds Durban Poison Strain Sample from: Colorado Alternative Medicine - CAM Durban Poison medical marijuana , or Durban for short, is a relatively easy to grow and maintain marijuana strain.  The Durban Poison strain is a F1 cross of a South African Sativa marijuana strain and a potent, early Dutch Skunk marijuana strain. It is rumored to have originated in the secret gardens of South Africa. The Poison Durban marijuana strain is typically a bit darker than your average medical marijuana strain.  Buds from the Durban strain are bulky and fairly dense. Strain Potency and

Commerce City Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana Dispensaries in Commerce City Commerce City medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics provide Colorado MMJ patients with a variety of services, including an large selection of medical marijuana strains, marijuana clones for growing cannabis plants, medical marijuana edibles, tinctures, THC high concentrates such as hash oil and kief, marijuana delivery services, pipes, vaporizers and more.   Several quality Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries are located in Commerce City, a north suburb of Denver, and part of Adams County. Below you will find top Commerce City medical marijuana dispensaries serving MMJ patients in Commerce city and surrounding cities. Commerce City Marijuana Dispensaries Colorado Coalition of Caregivers 7260 Monaco St. Commerce City, CO 80022 Timberline Herbal Clinic and Wellness Center 3995 E. 50th Ave. Denver, CO 80216 Top Shelf Hydroponics and Organic Gardening 7260 Monaco St. Commerce City, 80022 If

G-13 Medical Marijuana Strain Review & Info

G-13 Strain Review G-13 Marijuana Strain Info:  G-13 Marijuana Strain Overall Grade: A G13 Strain Nickname: Gaby Marijuana Strain Type: Indica THC Content: 18% - 26% (Very High) Buzz/Effects: Energetic, Cheerful High Taste / Smell: Hashy, Spicy / Crisp Chemical Pine with Citrus Overtone Origin: Afghani from Mexico G-13 Yield: Low Flowering Time (indoor): 55-60 days (or 8-9 weeks) Seed Price: $24 to $44 for 10 Seeds Where to buy G13 Strain Seeds: Sensi Seeds G-13 Medical Marijuana Sample from: Boulder Vital Herbs Dispensary G13 Medical Marijuana Strain Review   G-13 is a one of a kind medical marijuana strain.  With a extremely high THC content, that is rumored to sometimes reach over 25% when properly grown, the G-13 marijuana strain is incredibility potent and delivers a high unlike that produced by any other medical marijuana strain .   In fact, the G-13 marijuana strain is so potent and so unique that it has become subject t

Colorado Springs Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado Springs After Denver, Colorado Springs rivals Boulder for having being home to the second largest number of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.  No doubt, the abundance of Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensaries and much of the success many of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs have experienced is owed, in part, to the strong influence of and dedicated individuals at the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council. Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, or CSMCC, is a Colorado non-profit organization that is committed to supporting the medical marijuana industry, as well as the MMJ patients and businesses that comprise it, through various means.  For instance, CSMCC participates in events to educate the public about cannabis by separating the facts from the fiction regarding the use of medical marijuana, detailing the benefits of the medical marijuana industry and local small medical marijuana busi

Castle Rock MMJ | Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Castle Rock, Colorado

Castle Rock Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana patients in Castle Rock, CO can legally purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes from Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.  There are several Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Castle Rock.  Castle Rock medical marijuana dispensaries provide Colorado MMJ patients in Castle Rock and surrounding areas with access to top notch product and services, including hundreds of different medical marijuana strains, marijuana clones for growing your own cannabis plants, medicated edibles, pipes, and much more. Marijuana Dispensaries in C astle Rock, Colorado Castle Rock medical marijuana dispensaries are listed below. Mile High Medical Gardens 858 Happy Canyon Rd., #150 Castle Rock, CO 80108 The Lil Green House 518 Wilcox St. Castle Rock, CO 80104

Maui Waui Strain Review

Maui Waui MMJ Strain Maui Waui Strain Info: Overall Grade: B Nickname(s): Maui; Maui Wowie; Maui; Wowi Strain Type: Sativa dominant THC Content: 14% to 17% Buzz/Effects:  Energetic, Cerebral, Head High Taste: Piny, Earthly Smell: Citrus, Piny Maui Plant Yield: High Flowering Time: 7 to 8 weeks Plant Size: Tall Maui Waui Strain Cannabis Seed Price: $12 to $29 per 10 seeds  Where to Buy Maui Waui Seeds: Sensi Seeds Maui Waui Strain Sample from: The Greenest Green Maui Waui Review Maui Waui medical marijuana strain is a popular medical grade marijuana strain available to MMJ patients at many MMJ dispensaries in Colorado  and else where in the US that have decriminalized the use of medical marijuana.

Shiva Skunk Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Shiva Skunk Shiva Skunk Strain Info Shiva Skunk Type: Indica hybrid Shiva Skunk THC Content: 15% - 20% (High) Shiva Skunk Buzz: Psychedelically Stoney Taste / Smell: Pungent, Sweet Shiva Skunk Lineage: Northern Lights # 5 x Skunk 18.5 (f-3a) Shiva Skunk Strain Yield: 420 grams per m2 Flowering Time: 44-55 days (normally 7 to 8 weeks) Shiva Skunk Strain Seed Prices: $8.05 to $16.75  Shiva Skunk Seed Bank: Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk Marijuana Strain Review Shiva Skunk marijuana strain is one of hundreds of medical grade marijuana strains that are available for medical marijuana patients to buy at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, California and other U.S. states that have decriminalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes.  Named after the Hindu god Shiva, the Lord of Bhang, many MMJ patients and marijuana growers consider Shiva marijuana strain to be a godsend. Along side Lemon Skunk marijuana strain and Sour Diesel,

Ogiesel Marijuana Strain Review + Information

Ogiesel Strain  Ogiesel Strain Info Marijuana Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid THC Content: Medium to High Lineage/Geneology: Skunk x SFV OG Kush Flowering Time: 56 to 70 days Prices at Colorado dispensaries: $35 per 8th; $260 to $320 per ounce Ogiesel Review Ogiesel strain is a popular sativa dominant marijuana strain.  It is available for medical marijuana patients to buy at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Get information on more Medical Marijuana Strains  

Breckenridge Marijuana Dispensaries

Where to Buy Marijuana in Breckenridge, Colorado Under state law, Amendment 20 gives Colorado medical marijuana patients the legal right to use medical marijuana for medicinal purposes, as recommended by a doctor; while Amendment 64 allows for the sale of recreational marijuana to non MMJ card holders over age 21. While some Colorado cities and towns have put forth legislation to keep medical marijuana dispensaries out of their city limits, in cities such as Breckenridge, the supply of marijuana is plentiful, the cannabis industry is booming and people can conveniently purchase marijuana from a dispensary when needed. A number of top Colorado marijuana dispensaries are located in the ski town of Breckenridge. Breckenridge medical dispensaries serve the needs of Colorado medical marijuana patients; Recreational dispensaries in Breckenridge cater to recreational marijuana users from in and out of state. Breckenridge Marijuana Dispensaries Not only a great vacation destinat

Berthoud Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Berthoud Medical Marijuana  Use of medical Marijuana is legal for medicinal use under Amendment 20 in the state of Colorado.  Berthoud, CO offers no exception.  Medical marijuana is legal in Berthoud and there are a number of quality Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries located in Berthoud and serving the needs of Colorado medical marijuana patients in and around Berthoud, CO. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Berthoud, Colorado Below you will find a complete list of Berthoud medical marijuana dispensaries. Alternative Natural Pain Management 310 Mountain Ave. Berthoud, CO 80513   Livwell 1015 N 2nd St,  Berthoud, CO 80513

Avon Marijuana Dispensaries

Avon medical marijuana dispensaries serve Colorado medical marijuana patients living in and around Avon, CO.  Below you will find a listing of the Avon medical marijuana dispensaries in operation at this time. Tree Line Premier Dispensary 40801 Hwy 6, STE 215 Avon / Eagle, CO 81620 (970) 920-4220 View Larger Map Search Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Westminster, Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana Dispensaries in Westminster, Colorado  Currently there are no medical marijuana dispensaries in Westminster, Colorado. This is due to a ban on medical marijuana businesses enacted by the City of Westminster. For the time being, Colorado MMJ patients in Westminster, Colorado will need to travel to a neighboring city such as Boulder or Denver to legally obtain cannabis. To find a Colorado marijuana dispensary click here.

Dutchmen's Royal Orange Strain Review

Dutchmen's Royal Orange Marijuana Strain Review Dutchmen's Royal Orange Marijuana Strain: Appearance,  Smell  and Taste Appearance: The first thing that struck when I first saw Dutchmen's Royal Orange marijuana strain was the strains unusually orange tint.  Closer examination of the Royal Orange buds reveals a covering of fine, light orange to red hairs.  Greenery of Dutchmen's  Royal Orange buds are tightly packed into often bulky, yet dense, medium to large size nugs. Smell: When it comes to the strains scent, the name Dutchmen's Royal Orange  tells half the story.  That is, the Royal Orange medical marijuana strain emits a pleasant  sweet citrus smell (i.e. the 'orange' in Dutchmen's Royal Orange).  What the marijuana strains name does not reveal is the slight skunk smell that is characteristic of cannabis strains with Skunk lineage. Taste:  Once you've exhaled Dutchman's Royal Orange for the first time its Skunk #1 her

Adams County Marijuana Dispensaries | Colorado

Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Adams County provide medical marijuana products and services to Colorado MMJ patients in and around Adams County, CO.  Adams County medical marijuana dispensaries, caregivers or collectives provide Colorado MMJ patients in Adams County with a large selection of medicinal marijuana strains, edibles, clones, and other MMJ products and services permited under Amendment 20.   Below is the information for Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, caregivers or collectives in Adams County, CO.   Rocky Mountain Caregivers Adams County, CO Phone: (720) 329-5763

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map