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Crazy Train Marijuana Strain Review

Qrazy Train Strain by Northern Lights Cannabis Co  Qrazy Train is a top-shelf hybrid marijuana strain available at a handful of dispensaries around Colorado .  The Qrazy Train I picked up at Northern Lights Cannabis Co in Denver, Colorado was one of the best batches of a 50/50 hybrid weed I've seen in a while; and that's saying something because 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid marijuana strains are my go to. Qrazy Train Marijuana Strain Information Like I said this is a great 50/50 hybrid strain and it's super potent.  It smokes nice and doesn't get you too tired, so in my opinion it feels much more like a Sativa strain. Like wax out of vape pens ? Try smoking Crazy Train wax with a vape pen. It's top-notch! Below you'll find some more information on Qrazy Train strain marijuana. Strain Type: Hybrid - 50% Indica; 50% Sativa THC content: 22.2% (Very Powerful) CBD content:  < 0.4% CBN content:  < 0.2% Recreational Price: $40 per eight 

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