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Big Budda Cheese MMJ Strain Review

Big Buddha Cheese strain Big Buddha Cheese strain strain is a powerful indica pot strain. MMJ industry awards have recognized Big Buddha Cheese strain as one of the world's best indica weed strains. It is sold at medical marijuana dispensaries accross Colorado . Strain Type: Indica dominant Lineage: Afghani x Original UK Cheese backcross Indoor Flowering Time:  7 to 9 weeks. Effects: Long-lasting, uplifting high Awards: 3rd Place at People's Cup for Homegrown Fantasy (2004) Named HIGH TIMES Top Ten Strain of the Year (2005) 1st Place at HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Indica (2006) Big Buddha Cheese strain reviews  Have you smoked Big Buddha Cheese strain marijuana? Post your reviews of Big Buddha Cheese marijuana below?

OG Querkle x Space Cheese Strain | MMJ Strain Reviews - Boulder, CO

OG Querkle x Space Cheese Strain Type: Sativa hybrid High: Long lasting, clear headed high; stimulated and cheerful mood. Dispensary: LivWell Boulder Grade: A- OG Querkle x Space Cheese strain is a great sativa-dominanat marijuana strain.  Smoking a good size bowl (around 0.5 grams) will give you a strong, clear headed high.  This batch of OG Querkle x Space Cheese marijuana was purchased for $25 for 1/8 OZ from LivWell dispensary in Boulder, Colorado (located on Folosom St.). OG Querkle x Space Cheese Reviews If you've used OG Querkle x Space Cheese strain, let us know what you thought about it by posting a comment below.

Raspberry Cough Marijuana Strain Review + Info

Raspberry Cough Strain Lineage: Kambodga x Ice F1 Flowering: 9 to 10 weeks; Photoperiod THC Content: High (around 24%) Type: Sativa Dominant Raspberry Cough is a sativa dominant strain with a ratio of approximately 70 to 30 sativa to indica. Effects Smoking a large bowl or joint (say just under a gram) of Raspberry Cough should be enough to get veteran weed smokers high.  Raspberry Cough strain delivers a clear and mellow head high with an accompanying relaxing yet non-tiring body high. Appearance, Texture, Smell Raspberry Cough is a good looking strain of weed.  When properly grown, Raspberry Cough nugs are medium to large (2 to 5 inches) and dense yet easy to breakup in your fingers, a feature that makes rolling joints, blunts or spliffs easy and convenient. True to its name, Raspberry Cough emits a citrus scent that is complimented by a spicy fragrance. Where to get good Raspberry Cough weed? The best Raspberry Cough we've come acro

AK48 Medical Marijuana Strain Review

AK48 Strain AK48 Strain Info Indica 65% / Sativa 35% Strain Genetics: Ice (f) x Jock Horror (m) Indoor Flowering: Time - 7 to 9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: Late October AK48 Strain Review A highly potent indica marijuana strain.  This is a great weed strain for marijuana smokers who like hybrid strains that are indica dominant. AK-48 Seeds AK48 seeds can be bought at cannabis clinics, but are more readily available from online seed suppliers.  Make sure you buy your AK 48 seeds from a trusted supplier of cannabis seeds.

Ice Strain Marijuana Review + Information

Ice Strain Review Strain Type: 50/50 hybrid Effect: Happy, relaxed and focused Flowering Time: around 8 weeks Plant size: small to medium hight Indoor/Outdoor: Best grown indoors Seed Pricing: $35 for 10 seeds Yield: Medium to high Ice Weed Review If you're looking for a super dank hybrid weed strain, Ice may be just what your looking for.  This 50/50 hybrid strain delivers an ecstatic buzz with a bit.  Smoking a good size bowl (say 0.7 grams) of Ice weed keeps me relaxed and focused for hours. Shortly after using Ice weed, that the strain is a 50/50 cross of Indica and Sativa becomes clear, as standard effects of Sativa and Indica set in.  Some grows of Ice marijuana produce buds that deliver a high weighing more toward the Sativa side, while other grows produce pot that feels almost indica dominant.  When Ice weed strain is grown to perfection, however, the Sativa and Indica effects should be equally strong. Ice strain marijuana is said to have several medici

Skywalker OG Kush Strain Review

Review of Skywalker OG Kush Strain Skywalker OG Kush Info Type: Indica Dominant Lineage: Kush Grade: A+/Top Shelf Potency: Very High Effect: Strong yet mellow Scent: Fruity and sweet Skywalker OG Kush Review Skywalker OG is a top-shelf, grade A medicinal cannabis. A heavy hitting Indica/Sativa hybrid bud, Skywalker OG will get you sky high, providing medical marijuana users with a relaxing but not lazy cerebral buzz that is complemented quite nicely by a chill full body high. At first sight, Skywalker OG Kush strain resembles more of a Sativa than an India cannabis strain. Skywalker OG Kush is a personal favorite of mine and has been since I took my first toke of the fine, milky white, chronic smoke to it a a Denver marijuana dispensary. If you happen to see some Skywalker OG Kush at a local dispensary be sure to pick up a sac and let us know what you think. Growing Skywalker OG Marijuana Skywalker cannabis seeds grow into strong and versatile weed plants.

Jack Flash Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Jack Flash Strain Marijuana type: Indica dominant hybrid (usually around 60% Indica/40% Sativa) Lineage/Genetics: Jack Herer x Awards: Cannabis Cup Winner Price: $40 to $60 per 1/8oz or $300 to $400 per oz Flowering Time: 8 to 10 weeks Typical Yield: Heavy Jack Flash Strain Review You don't need to be a bud-tender or weed connoisseur of any kind to have heard of the renowned line of Jack marijuana strains. If you've ever been into a pot dispensary then you've probably seen at least one of the Jack strains featured on the dispensary menu, and if you've been using high-grade weed for recreational purposes for a decent amount of time, then chances are you've smoked a Jack marijuana strain before. Decedent of the famous Jack Herer strain , an extremely popular and well known strain of indica medical marijuana, Jack hybrid strains are normally an excellent choice for marijuana users looking for a good indica/sativa high. A popular pick at pot shops, Jack

Colorado Medical Marijuana Pictures

MMJ Picture Gallery Here are some photos from our teams recent exposure to medical marijuana in Colorado.  Hope you enjoy! Banana Kush Strain Banana Kush Romulan Strain Romulan Sour Diesel Ingrid Marijuana Strain G13 Strain Shiva Skunk Strain Train wreck Ogiesel Mowie Wowie White Shark Durban Poison Strain Medical Marijuana Strains from Colorado Alternative Medicine NYC Diesel

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