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The Kush Expo Gets Mile High in Denver

Today sets of the first day of the Kush Expo medical marijuana show in Denver, Colo.  Exactly one month after thousands gathered at the University of Colorado at Boulder to celebrate cannabis culture’s most well know holiday by taking 4/20 in with a toke,  Mile High mmj patients, pro-marijuana advocates and medical marijuana companies are flocking to the Colorado Convention Center to attend one of medical marijuana’s biggest and most highly regarded venues.   Kush Expo is a marijuana trade show and exposition that tours the nation, making stops at major medical marijuana hubs in the United States to unite the mmj industry through networking, educating the public and celebrating culture.  The Denver Kush Expo at the will bring  medical marijuana medical marijuana businesses, patients,  celebrities, experts and advocates together at the Colorado Convention Center May 20th,May 21st and 23rd. The Mile High Kush Expo medical marijuana show will feature hundreds of exhibitors, inc

Colorado MMJ: Bringing Conventional Medicine Back to the Basics

It shocks me how concerned society is today about pesticides and additives in the foods we eat, but how little we care about the additives in pharmaceutical drugs. Colorado is known among other states as a state with plenty of organic and natural stores, farmer’s markets and options for those who want to eliminate additives from their diet. While many are turning to natural vitamins and herbs to boost metabolism and ensure their bodies receive ample nutrients, we are still ignoring the amount of processed drugs we consume for pain. Medical marijuana is one of the only pain subsiding options that is grown naturally, as an herb. Instead of manipulating the symptoms of your illness, medical marijuana can completely get rid of the pain of a dulling sickness like cancer, AIDS or other chronic diseases. Medical marijuana is an all-natural medicine, free of additives, colors and preservatives. For those who find themselves at the local natural food store, peering down the drug aisle at

Medical Marijuana Affiliate Programs for Online MMJ Affiliates

As states continue to decriminalize the use of marijuana, and medical marijuana becomes a more and more prominent alternative to traditional medication, the MMJ industry in the U.S. continues to grow at rapid rates.  As in other, more mainstream industries, MMJ businesses are turning to the internet and creating e-commerce websites, using social media, online advertising and other online assets to generate new leads by engaging and attracting new medical marijuana patients and pot users online customers. Online affiliate programs or affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for medical marijuana businesses to build or grow a presence on the internet, and increase online sales and conversion rates.  The MMJ affiliate marketing phenomenon is creating opportunities for bloggers, webmasters and affiliate marketers to make serious money online by becoming medical marijuana affiliates and driving, leads and ultimately sales to businesses involved in the medical marijuana

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map