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Aurora Borealis Marijuana Review & Information


Aurora B. Strain Review

Aurora Borealis Strain, or Aurora B. Strain, is a top-shelf cannabis variety that is relatively rare to come across at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.  However, if find Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries with some Aurora Borealis strain weed in stock, it may be worth your while to pick up a bag of this fine bud.

Aurora Strain Information

Info Breakdown

Nickname(s): Aurora B.
Overall Grade: B
Strain Type: 50% indica / 50% sativa
Potency: Mid-to-High THC content
Effects: Relaxing body high; subtle mind buzz
Strain Genetics / Lineage: Northern Lights #10 (mother) x Skunk #1 (male)
Aroma: Sweet, skunk odor
Growing Aurora B. Strain: beginner and intermediate cannabis growers.

Strain Type

Aurora B. is a 50/50 sativa/indica crossbreed strain of medical marijuana.  The effects of Northern B weigh hevier to the characteristics of an indica high, however a good clean sativa mind buzz is definately noticeable.

Strain Genetics / Lineage

In Latin, the term Aurora Borealis is the name for the North Pole, also known as Northern Lights, a variety of the Aurora B strain mother, Northern Lights #10 Strain. To produce the 50/50 indica/sativa Aurora B. strain, Northern Lights #10 was crossbreed with a Skunk #1 cannabis plant.

Strain Appearance / Texture

Aurora B. has a lighter green tone than most medical marijuana strains and carries a heavy coating of resin.  Fresh off the plant, Aurora B. strain cannabis nugs are normally long, relatively broad and are of a average density for cannabis buds.

Aurora Borealis Strain Review: Aroma / Taste

Aurora B. Strain medical marijuana nugs have a pleasently sweet odor with and underlying skunky scent, no doubt originating from its male parent plant Skunk #1.  The strain has a heavy smoke that tastes  much like it smells.

Aurora Borealis Strain Review: Medicinal Uses

Though Aurora B. is a 50/50 split between indica and sativa, like most indica strains are best for alleviating symptoms, including chronic pain, sleeplessness and nausea.

Growing Aurora Borealis Strain Cannabis Seeds

Aurora B. can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse environment.   Growing Aurora B. marijuana plants in a greenhouse is best, yielding the largest harvest in the shortest amount of time.  When you can't grow in a greenhouse, next best is to grow Aurora Borealis indoors using artificial, HPS lighting.  When grown indoors you can use a hydroponic grow system or soil, but be cautious that growing any medical marijuana strain indoors with soil can get quite messy.  Aurora B. is grown best using a sea of green growing method.

When grown indoors, flowering time for Aurora B. cannabis plants normally ranges from 55 to 64 days and produces an above average harvest.  If you grow Aurora Borealis medical marijuana outdoors, the plants with mature and be ready to harvest by mid to late October.

To learn about medical marijuana strains from A to Z, find Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries with certain strains available, and browse other Colorado Medical Marijuana resources, including delivery services, medical marijuana doctor referrals and more follow the link below.

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