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Purple Passion Marijuana Strain Review

Purple Passion Strain

Purple Passion Strain Information

Purple Passion Strain Overall Grade: B
Purple Passion Strain Cannabis Type: Indica Dominant Cannabis
Purple Passion Strain THC Content: Normally 13% to 18%
Purple Passion Marijuana Buzz: Relaxed full body high
Purple Passion Strain Smell: Hash scent; semi-sweet
Growing Purple Passion Marijuana: Easy Indoor/Outdoor
Purple Passion Indoor Yield: High
Purple Passion Outdoor Yield: High
Purple Passion Medical Marijuana Sample: The Green Depot

Purple Passion Strain Review

Purple Passion is listed among the top medical marijuana strains in terms of quality, popularity, and demand.  You can find Purple Passion cannabis bud for sale at a good number of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, including The Green Depot, 420 Wellness, The Herbal Center (THC) of Denver, and many other cannabis clinics or medical marijuana dispensaries.

Purple Passion Potency and Buzz

Purple Passion provides a strong body high, as would be expected from an indica dominant medical marijuana strain.  Purple Passion's body high is characterized by a nice feeling of bodily relaxation.  In addition to the expected body high, resulting from Purple Passions indica dominant genetics, the presence of a sativa buzz is evident shortly after smoking Purple Passion medical marijuana.

Purple Passion Strain Appearance, Smell, Taste and Smoke

Appearance: Purple Passion medical marijuana has a familiar light green tone which seems to be a staple of high quality marijuana strains.  Purple Passion strain cannabis buds have a heavy coating of crystal-white resin that ads to the light tone of weed from the purple passion marijuana strain.

Smell: Purple passion cannabis has a distinct scent.  Experienced pot smokers will recognize a hash like scent combined with a slight fresh piny smell.

Taste and Smoke: The taste of purple passion very much resembles it's scent; it taste of hashy scent combined with a slight pine smell.  The hash scent of the purple passion strain caries over to the taste of purple passion marijuana when smoked.  The smoke itself is a strong smoke.  When hit hard, you'll feel it deep in the chest.

Growing Purple Passion Marijuana Plants

Growing purple passion strain marijuana is normally easy.  Though a great number of medical marijuana strains are much more easy to grow than purple passion cannabis.  Because of this, growing purple passion strain marijuana plants is recommended for intermediate marijuana growers, or those who have had success growing from the seed or clone growing period to final flowering and harvesting of one or more marijuana plants at least once before.

The Purple Passion strain marijuana plant should be simple to care for and maintain if the proper growing equipment is used.  The type of lighting, hydroponic marijuana grow system or soil, and other equipment that is used is very important and depends on a number of factors.  Among the large number of influences that may factor into the success of growing Purple Passion strain cannabis seeds or marijuana clones, a few that potential growers of any marijuana strain should know include the size of grow space available.  Keep in mind, the fewer plants per watts the larger the yield per plant.

Purple Passion marijuana plants can be grown starting with Purple Passion strain cannabis seeds or clones.  The cannabis strain can be grown outdoors, or indoors with hydroponic grow systems or in soil.  A good sized walkin closet will normally provide ample room to grow a one to six Purple Passion cannabis strain marijuana plants in soil using marijuana seeds or up to eight plants using a small hydro grow system that is compact while still of good quality. 

What is the best way to grow Purple Passion strain medical marijuana plants?

Again, how to grow the best Purple Passion cannabis in many ways is particular to your growing circumstances, e.g. preferences, available grow space, capital to commit to growing bud, quality and quantity of marijuana plants to be grown, capabilities as a grower, etc.  However, our research, based on the research and reports of expert marijuana growers or cannabis breeders, Marijuana Connections recommends growing Purple Passion medical marijuana indoors from seed or clone (depending on the money you want to spend), using a complete, discrete hydroponic grow system.  Many hydroponic grow systems come with complete setups that include grow lights for indoor use, ventilation products for cannabis scent reduction, insulation reflective wall coverings, plant food and nutrients, thermal devices and other products and equipment from medical marijuana.

Where to Buy Purple Passion marijuana strain cannabis seeds?  To ensure that when you buy Purple Passion strain cannabis seeds you actually end up with Purple Passion strain cannabis seeds, and that the seeds you buy are quality cannabis seeds of female plants, it is crucial that marijuana breeders and growers buy Purple Passion strain marijuana seeds from reputable seed banks or seed suppliers.


  1. I love this strain. It's a good indica to smoke for relaxing as you wind down at night and get ready for bed.


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