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G-13 Medical Marijuana Strain Review & Info

G-13 Strain Review

G-13 Marijuana Strain Info: 

G-13 Marijuana Strain Overall Grade: A
G13 Strain Nickname: Gaby
Marijuana Strain Type: Indica
THC Content: 18% - 26% (Very High)
Buzz/Effects: Energetic, Cheerful High
Taste / Smell: Hashy, Spicy / Crisp Chemical Pine with Citrus Overtone
Origin: Afghani from Mexico
G-13 Yield: Low
Flowering Time (indoor): 55-60 days (or 8-9 weeks)
Seed Price: $24 to $44 for 10 Seeds
Where to buy G13 Strain Seeds: Sensi Seeds
G-13 Medical Marijuana Sample from: Boulder Vital Herbs Dispensary

G13 Medical Marijuana Strain Review 

G-13 is a one of a kind medical marijuana strain.  With a extremely high THC content, that is rumored to sometimes reach over 25% when properly grown, the G-13 marijuana strain is incredibility potent and delivers a high unlike that produced by any other medical marijuana strain.  

In fact, the G-13 marijuana strain is so potent and so unique that it has become subject to several urban legends (see G-13 Lineage and History below).  One thing is for sure, the G-13 strain is a godsend and is beloved by MMJ patients, cannabis breeders, and growers.  

Appearance, Scent, Taste and Buzz from G-13 Marijuana Strain

G-13 Strain Appearance 

G-13 marijuana has a color that is of a slightly lighter tone of green than the average medical marijuana strain.  G-13 strain marijuana buds are typically slightly larger than popcorn-size and are covered by distinct orange hairs.

G-13 Strain High 

Amazing energetic, yet mellow head high!  G-13 provides an unreal high.  As mentioned above, the G-13 marijuana strain is an extremely potent medical marijuana strain.  G-13 marijuana has a high that comes on almost immediately after smoking. G-13 is a pure indica cannabis strain, however one would not know this from the G-13 buzz.  Smoking G-13 medical marijuana provides an energetic high that seems to effect the mind at least as much as it does the body.  
G-13 is an excellent marijuana strain for a wake-and-bake, if your an all day weed smoker, or you have things to do and could use a boost of motivation and creativity.

G-13 Strain Smoke and Taste

G-13 has a crisp pine smell meshed with a chemical and citrus apple scent.  On the inhale, G-13 marijuana is a heavy smoke.  It taste hashy, spicy and a bit bland.  Pure, uncrossed G13 doesn't taste pleasant.  To improve the taste of the G13 marijuana strain and to increase the otherwise low yield, the G13 strain is often crossed with other varieties of medical marijuana.

Growing G-13 Strain Seeds

G-13 marijuana plants are easy to grow but produce a low yield when they are not cross bred with another strain of medical marijuana.  Even so, as mentioned above, the G13 strain is not only MMJ patients and recreational users of marijuana that love the G-13 medical marijuana strain.  Because experienced breeders can easily cross the G-13 marijuana strain with other high yielding medical marijuana strains, like White Widow (as in the first picture) or Skunk #1, they are able to increase the yield of G13 marijuana plants as well as the taste of the G13 strain marijuana when smoked.  It is for this reason that the G13 medical marijuana strain is popular among those on the supply side - i.e. breeders, marijuana growers, medical marijuana dispensaries and care givers, etc.

G-13 strain flowering time normally ranges from 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.  G-13 can be grown using a hydro grow system or in soil.  It is recommended to grown G-13 strain marijuana plants indoors using a hydroponic grow system.

G-13 Strain marijuana seeds can be purchased from the Sensi Seed Bank.

G-13 Strain History, Lineage and Genetics 

The unique features, including the high THC levels and the mind altering high from an indica plant have lead to several urban legends that continue to surround the history and origin of the G-13 strain. 

According to one popular myth holds that the G-13 marijuana strain was developed by the CIA, FBI and other government agencies who gathered the best marijuana strains from top marijuana breeders around the world.  At an installation at the University of Mississippi, rumor has it, the government agencies bred a number of new high quality marijuana strains.  By combining these strains they developed a marijuana strain that was more potent and intoxicating than any of the hybrids. 

A similar rumor holds that the the government agencies behind the creation of the G-13 marijuana strain named the strain G-13 because the 'G' stands for "Government" and the thirteenth letter of the alphabet is 'M', for "marijuana".

While many still believe this popular urban legend, research shows that the G-13 marijuana strain is an Afghani (or Afghanica) cultivar that is originally from Mexico.

G-13 Marijuana Strain in the Movies

The G-13 marijuana strain was featured in the film American BeautyIn the film American Beauty, a teenage marijuana dealer named Ricky Fitts (played by Wes Bentley) hands a bag of weed to Lester Burnham (played by Kevin Spacey) and says, "This shit is top of the line.  It's called G-13.  It's genetically engineered by the U.S. Government.  It's extremely potent, but a completely mellow high.  No paranoia".


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