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Charlie Sheen Strain Review


Charlie Sheen Marijuana Strain

A typical Saturday morning! I am thinking of excuses to not have a great time. Worried about an upcoming trip to the Bluffs in Bakersfield, California!! The Bluffs is a super tiny hiking area with beautiful desert and country views with the Kern river as backdrop. Now, being in Colorado, I realize how much of a wimp I was being, my fear of heights can definitely be a drag . In a desperate search for courage, and wanting to enjoy a wonderful day, I visited Green Cross dispensary and there I was recommended a strand named "Charlie Sheen."

Effects from Smoking Charlie Sheen Strain Cannabis

Smoking the beautifully tasting strand of "Charlie" gave me a feeling of tranquility and once I started feeling that peace , I opened up to doing a little hike in the trail. I found the flavor of the strain to be a bit lemony and grassy with no bad aftertaste but kind of rough going in. This was a top shelf brand priced at circa 15 dollars a gram and after smoking it I believe it should have been priced higher than that. I was able to - for a few hours-conquer my fear of heights and all the other things that go with it. Usually this is a social situation that I don't enjoy and I hate the pressure it brings but I was able to put my thoughts together, focus on a goal and was able to explain to my friends without being shy, about my issue with heights. I was able to have a wonderful evening hike and of course not without effects like being more talkative, way more active and virtually no pain which I usually feel when hiking for a while.


This strand forever eludes me as I have tried and tried to find gain without avail. I am very happy to have been able to find it in the first place. If I had a 1 to ten to choose from "Charlie Sheen", a smokey , lemony sativa-indica hybrid would get a very sweet 15. 

Note: Guest post was authored by Rose Amaroux


TerraHydro Superoots Air-Pot Review


TerraHydro Superoots Air-Pot 8.4 Liter

Just recently I began to use Aeration Pots for my hydroponic Set up. They have made a tremendous change in my grow area. They are much simple to clean than other methods, they are adjustable based on how much medium is required, and most of all they accelerated my yield time frame by a significant amount.

Best Air-Pot Planting Container for Marijuana

I just recently purchased a set of 3 gallon Air-Pots. They are utilized for transplanting seedlings and cuttings from smaller containers. There is an option to transplant outdoor, however since I only grow indoor, they are effective enough to carry the plant through out both seasons. The plants I have been harvesting have been around 4’ tall. The root system on the plants grow phenomenal.

An ideal environment is created by the Air-Pot by allowing the bacterial air and circulation. This allow an Increase in nutrient availability which in turn improves growth The healthier environment creates resistance to disease. The inward pointing cones guide roots out, This air prunes the roots because the because the air density of the medium is too great. The pots allows for a much greater nutrient up-take. They are designed for plants to have quick growth and high yield. The size and efficiency of the root system increases nutrient uptake a great deal which leads to accelerated growth.

Medium Preferences for SuperRoots Air-Pot 

I prefer lava rock, coco and aeration rock combination for the medium, however the medium can be any growers choice. The Air-Pot are useful for organic or hydroponic media. Before I had a complete hydroponics drip system set up I would hand water them, and it seemed to be highly effective. The roots experience oxygenation, This is achieved by Air-Pot’s raised base. This prevents plants from standing in water.

In general Air Pots allow for root development, oxygenation nutrient uptake and plant quality. They help reduce crop time and transplant shock. The product has a long life span and produces high yields. 

SuperRoots Air-Pot Details

Dimensions: 11" H x 10.5" Outside Diameter
Base: 9" Yellow Base
Volume: 2.2 Gal., 8.4 L

Volksgarden Supra Compact Hydroponic Garden Review


The Volksgarden Supra

In the beginning I imagined this concept to be the most effective way to grow the maximum amount of plants in a small area. The feris wheel approach is clean and effective hydroponics gardening set up. The Volksgarden unit allows you to grow up to 80 plants at once. For the vegetative cycle I only use this machine. A lot of the time they grow to fast and I don’t even have enough space to put all the plant for the flower cycle. How it works is that it is a rotating cylinder housing the plants, they rotate around a light at the center, which is the focal point. This method of indoor growing lumens, water, and nutrients.


The Volksgarden® Supra comes with 1 piece High Density Polyethylene FDA certified food grade plastic cylinder, 1 cylinder drive motor 1 ABS food-grade plastic feed tray. For lighting, the unit includes 4 - 39 watt T-5 6400K  Fluorescent lamps. For water supply it contains 1 - 400 gallon per hour Mag Drive pump, some may face trouble because it does not have a North American power cable adapter. A stand, that contains slots for 80 plant holders. The stand is easy to assemble and the entire unit fits into a standard 110V outlet The total dimensions are 24" diameter x 42" tall by 38" long, with stand 48" long.

Best Space Conserving/Compact Hydroponic Grow Set Up

The Volksgarden® Supra™ is made of precision molded plastic. It is designed to hold 1.5" root medium from propagation slabs (98 per tray flat) and accommodates space for up to 80 plants
There are some essentials that you will need that do not come with the sets. Or course seeds or seedlings, rock wool cubes or other root medium, rooting cubes comes with the first slab nutrient solution. You will need timers, one for watering, one for lighting. Automation is ideal. you will meed a meter to measure pH, TDS, and temp

Igadi Dispensary Review - Igadi Idaho Springs


Igadi Dispensary

Igadi Dispensary in Idaho Springs my personal favorite dispensary in Colorado because it is a fantastic place to visit on the drive up the Mountains.

The dispensary is recreation only and has a wide variety of clothing and glass in the waiting room. They have a large variety of product lines such as Gummies, Baked Goods, Concentrates, and Cartridges. I have only cisited the Idaho Springs location however their products are available all over Colorado from Denver to the Western Slopes. My two favorite products I have sampled are the Grape SweetPeaks Ediables and the Train-Wreck flower.
Igadi Dispensary Reviews

Trainwreck from Igadi Dispensary

Trainwreck is a stain Igadl carries which is a hybrid strain with sativa dominate effects that seems to have a quick and hard effect. Mexican and Thai sativas were combined with Afghani indicas in order to develop this Northern California staple, It gives a sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma. Trainwreck begins its speedy hurtle through the mind, with a surge of euphoria, awakening creativity and happiness. Migraines, pain, and arthritis are mowed down by Trainwreck’s high THC content, and many patients also use it for relief of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD. Trainwreck flowers finish up in early October outdoors, while indoor gardens are ready for harvest 8 weeks into flowering.


Pesticides That Can Be Used to Grow Marijuana in Colorado


Which Pesticides Can Be Used In Colorado Cannabis Production?

The following is a list of pesticides that can be used on cannabis without being a violation of the Pesticide Applicators' Act in Colorado. Last updated 10/13/2017.

Colorado product nameCompany nameEPA NumberCommercial productionHome usesNon-food uses/hempPesticide TypePublic CommentsDate Added
#1 Fungus Bully (concentrate)Srills LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide18-Sep-15
#1 Pest BullySrills LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide18-Sep-15
420 Drench BullySrills LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide12-Apr-16
420 Fungus Bully (concentrate)Srills LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
420 Pest Bully ConcentrateSrills LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
420 Pest Bully PowderSrills LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide12-Apr-16
420 Pest Bully Ready-to-UseSrills LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
70% Neem Oil (Monterey)Lawn and Garden Products, Inc70051-2-54705NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
86 Mites & Mold Ready to UseNorCal Plant Nutrients LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Miticide26-Aug-15
86 Mites + Mold ConcentrateNorCal Plant Nutrients LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Miticide26-Aug-15
Agree WGCertis USA, LLC70051-47YesYesYesInsecticide02-Mar-17
Agri-Fos Systemic FungicideLawn and Garden Products, Inc71962-1-54705YesYesYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Agri-Fos Systemic FungicideLiquid Fertiliser Pty. Ltd.71962-1YesYesYesFungicideUse only allowed prior to final transplant, unless grown in recirculating hydroponics systems.12-Apr-16
Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide PlusLiquid Fertiliser Pty. Ltd.71962-2YesNoYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.29-Feb-16
AllPer-Plus ConcentrateAllPer-Plus25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
AllPer-Plus Ready to UseAllPer-Plus25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Alude Systemic FungicideCleary Chemical Corporation71962-1-1001YesYesYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Amazin Plus 1.2% MEAmvac Chemical Corporation5481-559YesYesYesInsecticideGreenhouse use only.07-Jun-17
AncoraOHP, Inc.70051-19-59807YesYesYesInsecticide, FungicideGreenhouse only23-Jun-17
ArriveInnvictis Crop Care, LLC82437-6-89391YesYesYesPGRApplications allowed in furrow at planting or in hydroponics only.15-Jun-16
AxiomRx Green Solutions , LLC71771-3-89112YesYesYesPGR20-Aug-15
Aza-Direct Biological InsecticideGowan Company71908-1-10163YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
AzaGuardBioSafe Systems, LLC70299-17YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
AzaMaxParry America71908-1-81268YesYesYesInsecticide, Nematicide20-Aug-15
AzaSolArborjet, Inc.81899-4-74578YesYesYesInsecticide15-Sep-15
AzaSolSoluNeem, Inc.81899-4YesYesYesInsecticide01-Jun-17
Azatin O Biological InsecticideOHP, Inc.70051-9-59807YesYesYesIGR23-Sep-15
Azatrol EC InsecticidePBI/Gordon Corporation2217-836YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Azatrol Hydro Botanical InsecticidePBI/Gordon Corporation2217-836NoYesNoInsecticide20-Aug-15
Azera GardeningMGK1021-1872YesYesYesInsecticide23-Nov-15
Azera InsecticideMcLaughlin Gormley King Company1021-1872YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide, Fungicide16-Oct-15
BacStopAnjon AG, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesBactericide, Fungicide23-Sep-15
BanishSupreme Growers LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide10-Mar-16
Bayer Advanced Natria Disease Control Ready to SprayBayer Advanced LLC264-1161-72155YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Bayer Advanced Natria Disease Control Ready to UseBayer Advanced LLC264-1154-72155YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Bayer Advanced Natria Disease Control Ready-To-UseBayer Advanced69592-16-72155NoYesNoFungicide25-Aug-16
Bayer Advanced NATRIA Insecticidal Soap Ready-To-UseBayer Advanced LLC67702-21-72155YesYesYesInsecticideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Bayer Advanced Natria Neem Oil ConcentrateBayer Advanced LLC70051-2-72155NoYesNoFungicide, InsecticideFor use in home and home garden.20-Aug-15
Bayer Pyrenone Crop SprayBayer Environmental Science432-1033YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Big Time ExterminatorApogee Garden Products Inc25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide22-Oct-15
Biobit HP Biological Insecticide Wettable PowderValent BioSciences Corporation73049-54YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
BioLink Insect RepellentWestbridge Agricultural Products25(b)YesYesYesInsect RepellentField and row Crops, containerized plants20-Aug-15
BioSafe Disease Control (Concentrate)BioSafe Systems, LLC70299-16YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
BioSafe Disease Control RTUBioSafe Systems, LLC70299-9YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
BioSafe Insect ControlBioSafe Systems, LLC70299-17NoYesNoInsecticide20-Aug-15
Bio-Tam 2.0Isagro USA, Inc.80289-9YesYesNoFungicide20-Aug-15
Bonide All Seasons Horticultural & Dormant Spray Oil ConcentrateBonide Products, Inc.4-80YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Bonide All Seasons Horticultural & Dormant Spray Oil Ready to SprayBonide Products, Inc.4-80YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Bonide Bon-Neem II Fungicide-Miticide-Insecticide ConcentrateBonide Products, Inc.70051-75-4YesYesNoFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
Bonide Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect KillerBonide Products, Inc.73729-1-4YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Bonide Eight Insect Control Home & Garden Ready to UseBonide Products, Inc.67702-15-4NoYesNoInsecticide20-Aug-15
Bonide Garden Rich Root & Grow Root Stimulator and Plant Starter 4-10-3Bonide Products, Inc.4-431NoYesNoPGRActive ingredient is 0.0004% IBA.23-May-16
Bonide Insecticidal Soap Multipurpose Insect Control ConcentrateBonide Products, Inc.67702-11-4YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Bonide Insecticidal Soap Multi-Purpose Insect Control Ready To UseBonide Products, Inc.67702-13-4YesYesYesInsecticideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Bonide Neem Oil ConcentrateBonide Products, Inc.70051-2-4NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide05-Oct-16
Bonide Neem Oil Ready to UseBonide Products, Inc.70051-13-4NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide05-Oct-16
Botanigard MaxxLAM International Corporation82074-5YesYesYesInsecticide29-Jun-16
Brandt Ecotec PlusBrandt Consolidated, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide10-Jun-16
Budda PestOrgannabis Ltd.25(b)YesYesNoInsecticide and Miticide26-Jan-17
Bug Buster-OLawn and Garden Products, Inc1021-1771-54705YesYesYesInsecticideOutdoor use only.20-Aug-15
BushDoctor Force of Nature FungicideUnited Compost & Organics, Inc25(b)YesYesYesFungicideGreenhouse only.20-Aug-15
BushDoctor Force of Nature Insect RepellentUnited Compost & Organics, Inc25(b)YesYesYesInsect Repellent20-Aug-15
BushDoctor Force of Nature MiticideUnited Compost & Organics, Inc25(b)YesYesYesMiticideGreenhouse only.20-Aug-15
Cann-Care Mite/Mildew BlitzGenericERA, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Miticide25-Apr-16
Cann-Care Mite/Mildew Blitz ConcentrateGenericERA, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Miticide25-Apr-16
CaptivaGowan Company10163-326YesYesYesInsect Repellent20-Aug-15
Captiva PrimeGowan Company10163-336YesYesYesInsecticide06-Mar-17
CeaseBioWorks, Inc.264-1155-68539YesYesNoFungicide20-Aug-15
CHS UnlockedWest Central Distribution, LLC90930-2-46661YesYesYesPGR05-May-16
Clonex Rooting GelGrowth Technology Ltd.79664-1YesYesYesPGR20-Aug-15
Copper SoapEspoma Organic67702-1-83598YesYesYesFungicide07-Jul-17
Corry's Slug & Snail KillerMatson, LLC67702-33-8119YesYesYesMolluscicide20-Aug-15
CrymaxCertis USA, LLC70051-86YesNoYesInsecticide25-Aug-16
CycloneSJ Enterprises Pty Ltd89385-3NoYesNoPlant Growth Regulator11-Apr-17
Cytokin Bioregulator ConcentrateMiller Chemical & Fertilizer LLC90930-3YesYesYesPGR20-Jan-16
Cytoplex HMSMiller Chemical & Fertilizer LLC90930-6YesYesYesPGR20-Jan-16
Debug TurboAgro Logistic Systems Inc.70310-5YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, NematicideGreenhouse use only.20-Aug-15
Deliver Biological InsecticideCertis USA, LLC70051-69YesYesYesInsecticide02-Mar-17
DESECT Diatomaceous Earth InsecticideEP Naturals, A Division of EP Minerals, LLC7655-1YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Des-X Insecticidal Soap ConcentrateCertis USA, LLC67702-22-70051YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Dipel DF Biological Insecticide Dry FlowableValent BioSciences Corporation73049-39YesNoYesInsecticideGreenhouse/shadehouse use only.20-Aug-15
DiTera DF Biological NematicideValent BioSciences Corporation73049-67YesYesYesNematicide20-Aug-15
Doktor Doom Total Release FoggerUltrasol Industries, Ltd.72804-1NoYesNoInsecticideGreenhouse/Indoor use only15-Aug-17
Double Nickel LCCertis USA, LLC70051-107YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
DoubleNickel55Certis USA, LLC70051-108YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Disease Control Fungicide (RTU)Dr. Earth, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Disease Control Fungicide ConcentrateDr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesFungicide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Fruit Tree Insect Killer (RTU)Dr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Fruit Tree Insect Killer ConcentrateDr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Rose and Flower Insect Killer (RTU)Dr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Vegetable Garden Insect Killer (RTU)Dr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Vegetable Garden Insect Killer ConcentrateDr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Weed and Grass Herbicide (RTU)Dr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesHerbicide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Yard and Garden Insect Killer (RTU)Dr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop OMRI Yard and Garden Insect Killer ConcentrateDr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide15-Mar-17
Dr. Earth Final Stop ProActive Vegetable Garden Insect KillerDr. Earth, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide25-Aug-16
Dr. Earth Final Stop ProActive Yard & Garden Insect KillerDr. Earth, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide25-Aug-16
Dr. Earth Final Stop Weed and Grass Killer Herbicide (RTU)Dr. Earth25(b)YesYesYesHerbicide15-Mar-17
Drexel PhiticideDrexel Chemical Company19713-625YesYesYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Earth-tone 3n1 Disease ControlThe Espoma Company67702-15-83598NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide25-Aug-16
Earth-tone Insect ControlThe Espoma Company67702-5-83598NoYesYesInsecticideHome greenhouse, not commercial.20-Aug-15
Earth-tone Insecticidal SoapThe Espoma Company67702-21-83598YesYesYesInsecticideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Eco-1 Garden SprayArborjet, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide, Fungicide13-Oct-17
Eco-1 Garden Spray ConcentrateArborjet, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide, Fungicide13-Oct-17
Ecologic Garden Insect Killer ConcentrateLiquid Fence Company, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Ecologic Garden Insect Killer Ready-to-UseLiquid Fence Company, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Ecologic Houseplant & Garden Insect KillerLiquid Fence Company, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Eco-Mite Plus Botanical insecticide Miticide ConcentrateArborjet, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Eco-Mite Plus Botanical Insecticide Miticide Ready to UseArborjet, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Eco-PM Botanical Fungicide ConcentrateArborjet, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Eco-PM Ready to Use Botanical FungicideArborjet, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
EcoSmart Organic Insecticide Botanical Houseplants & Herbs Insect KillerEcoSmart Technologies, Inc.25(b)YesNoNoInsecticideOutdoor use only. No indoor/greenhouse use.20-Aug-15
EcoSmart Organic Insecticide Organic Garden Insect Killer2EcoSmart Technologies, Inc.25(b)NoYesNoInsecticide20-Aug-15
EcotecBrandt Consolidated, Inc.25(b)YesYesNoInsecticide, MiticideIndoor production only20-Aug-15
Ecotrol GMorse Enterprises Limited DBA Keyplex25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide17-May-17
EcoVia 3-in-1 Emulsifiable ConcentrateRockwell Labs, Ltd.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide05-May-16
Ecozin Plus 1.2% MEAmvac Chemical Corporation5481-559NoYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide Ready-to-UseNatural Garden Solutions, LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide ConcentrateNatural Garden Solutions, LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide Ready-to-UseNatural Garden Solutions, LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
ELemonateMPotentGrowth25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Miticide20-Jan-16
EliminatorThe Amazing Doctor Zymes25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide, Fungicide27-Jul-17
Eliminator Snail & Slug KillerGro Tec, Inc.67702-32-59144YesYesYesMolluscicide20-Aug-15
Essentria All Purpose Insect ConcentrateCentral Garden & Pet Company25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide25-Apr-16
Essentria IC-3 Insect ConcentrateCentral Garden & Pet Company25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide10-Jul-17
Evergreen Crop Protection EC 60-6MGK1021-1770YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Evergreen Pro 60-6MGK1021-1770YesYesNoInsecticide15-Oct-15
Evergreen Pyrethrum ConcentrateMGK1021-2560YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Exponent Insecticide SynergistMGK1021-1511YesYesYesInsecticide23-Sep-16
Ferti-lome Fruit Tree SprayVoluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.70051-75-7401YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
Ferti-lome Triple Action (concentrate)Voluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.70051-111-7401NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide9/9/15 - commercial use has been removed. Outdoor personal use only.20-Aug-15
Ferti-lome Triple Action Ready-to-SprayVoluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.70051-111-7401NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide11/18/15 - commercial use has been removed. Outdoor personal use only.20-Aug-15
Foray XG Biological Insecticide Flowable ConcentrateValent BioSciences Corporation73049-46NoYesYesInsecticideUse allowed prior to final transplant. Not for commercial use.20-Aug-15
Fosphite FungicideJH Biotech, Inc.68573-2YesYesYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Fruit Fly Bully (Concentrate)Srills LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Fruit Tree Spray PlusLawn and Garden Products, Inc70051-111-54705NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide8/15/16 - Commercial use removed. For outdoor residential use only.20-Aug-15
Fungi-PhitePlant Protectants, LLC83472-1YesYesYesFungicide01-Jun-17
Fungi-PhiteVerdesian Life Sciences, U.S., LLC73771-5YesYesYesFungicide29-Aug-16
FungOUTAEF Global Inc.25(b)YesYesNoAnitmicrobial and Fungicide02-Feb-17
Garden Angel Plant Spray Plus SeaweedTurpens Organic Gardens LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide12-Apr-16
Garden Safe Brand Neem Oil Extract ConcentrateSchultz Company70051-2-39609NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide20-Jan-16
GardenTech RootBoost Rooting HormoneTechPac, LLC59807-4-71004NoYesNoPGR20-Aug-15
GC-MiteJH Biotech, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
General Hydroponics Defguard Biofungicide/BactericideGeneral Hydroponics91865-3YesYesYesFungicideCommercial use allowed in greenhouse/nursery only.23-Sep-16
General Hydroponics Exile Insecticide/Fungicide/MiticideGeneral Hydroponics91865-2YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide23-Sep-16
General Hydroponics Prevasyn Insect Repellent/InsecticideGeneral Hydroponics91865-1YesYesYesInsect Repellent, Insecticide23-Sep-16
GibGro 4LSNufarm Americas Inc55146-62YesYesYesPGRUse allowed prior to final transplant.24-Aug-16
Grandevo WDGMarrone Bio Innovations84059-27YesYesYesInsecticideGround application only to non-blooming plants.15-Jun-16
Green Cleaner (Concentrated)Central Coast Garden Products Inc.25(b)YesYesYesMiticide, FungicideUse on marijuana requires new marketplace label (as of 3/23/15). Original label says product is not for use on food or feed products. Same product name with Old Stage Garden Products on the label may not be used.20-Aug-15
GreenCure EZH & I Agritech, Inc.70870-3NoYesNoFungicideResidential use only.20-Aug-15
Harvest 6.0Potato Services of Idaho10324-214-90353YesYesYesAntimicrobial23-Nov-15
HDH PeroxyHDH Agri Products, LLC83103-1YesYesYesFungicideNo foliar applications allowed.20-Aug-15
HelicovexAndermatt Biocontrol AG69553-2YesYesYesInsecticide11-Aug-17
Hi-Yield Snake Eyes Dusting Wettable SulfurHi-Yield Chemical Company7401-188-34911NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide24-Feb-17
Hormodin 1OHP, Inc.59807-4YesYesYesPGR20-Aug-15
Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts (20%)Hortus USA Corp.63310-22YesYesYesPGRFoliar or basal applications.20-Aug-15
Hydro Worxx Disease Control Ready to UseNeudorff USA, Inc.67702-1NoYesNoFungicide22-Sep-16
Hydro Worxx Insecticidal Soap 3 in 1 ConcentrateNeudorff USA, Inc.67702-11YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, MiticideCommercial use allowed in greenhouse only.22-Sep-16
Hydro Worxx Insecticidal Soap 3 in 1 Ready to UseNeudorff USA, Inc.67702-21NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, MiticideUse allowed prior to final transplant.22-Sep-16
Hydro Worxx Mite & Insect Killer ConcentrateNeudorff USA, Inc.67702-36YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide22-Sep-16
Hydro Worxx Mite & Insect Killer Ready to UseNeudorff USA, Inc.67702-35YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide22-Sep-16
Insect Annihilator (Concentrate)Green Eagle Technologies LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide18-Nov-15
Insect Annihilator Ready to UseGreen Eagle Technologies LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide18-Nov-15
Insect ControlEspoma Organic67702-35-83598NoYesNoInsecticideHome greenhouse only.07-Jul-17
Insect DustSt. Gabriel Organics63191-17NoYesNoInsecticide09-May-17
Insect SoapEspoma Organic67702-21-83598NoYesNoInsecticideBefore final transplant07-Jul-17
Javelin WG Biological InsecticideCertis USA, LLC70051-66YesYesYesInsecticide25-Aug-16
KeyPlex Ecotrol PlusKeyPlex25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide18-Nov-15
Kopa Insecticidal SoapOHP, Inc67702-11-59807YesYesYesinsecticide, Miticide, Fungicide25-Apr-17
Leaf Life Gavicide Green 415Loveland Products, Inc.34704-1028YesYesYesInsecticideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Liquid LadybugEco Organics25(b)YesYesYesMiticide20-Aug-15
Lost Coast Plant TherapyPlant Protector, LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide, Fungicide11-Aug-17
Lynx EC 1.4LAM International Corporation82074-6YesYesYesInsecticide10-Mar-16
Lynx EC 5.0LAM International Corporation82074-7YesYesYesInsecticide10-Mar-16
MAC's Miracle Mildew Wash (powdered concentrate)M.A.C. Inc25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Mantis EC Botanical Insecticide/MiticideMantis Plant Protections, LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide09-Nov-16
MercenaryCultured Biologix25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide18-Aug-17
MightyNPK Industries89819-1NoYesNoInsecticide25-Apr-16
Mildew ControlVegalab25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Mildew CureJH Biotech, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide30-Aug-17
Miracle-Gro Nature's Care Garden Disease ControlMiracle-Gro Lawn Products, Inc.67702-1-62355YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Miracle-Gro Nature's Care Insecticidal SoapMiracle-Gro Lawn Products, Inc.67702-21-62355NoYesNoInsecticideUse allowed prior to final transplant.25-Aug-16
Mite-E-OilHelena Chemical Company5905-302YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide21-Nov-16
Mitey Sauce5280 Botanicals LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Miticide22-Feb-17
Molt-XBioWorks, Inc.68539-11YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Monterey Complete Disease Control BrandLawn and Garden Products, Inc.70051-107-54705NoYesNoFungicide04-Jan-17
Monterey Complete Disease Control Brand RTULawn and Garden Products, Inc.70051-114-54705NoYesNoFungicide04-Jan-17
Monterey Garden PhosLawn and Garden Products, Inc.83416-1-54705NoYesNoFungicide04-Jan-17
Monterey Horticultural OilLawn and Garden Products, Inc48813-1-54705NoYesNoInsecticide Miticide, Fungicide20-Aug-15
Monterey Liquid Copper Fungicide RTULawn and Garden Products, Inc.67702-1-54705NoYesNoFungicide08-Mar-17
Monterey Neem Oil RTULawn and Garden Products, Inc70051-13-54705NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide20-Aug-15
M-Pede Insecticide Miticide FungicideGowan Company10163-324YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
Natria Insecticidal Soap Ready-To-UseSBM Life Science Corp.67702-21-92564NoYesNoInsecticideBefore final transplant.26-Jun-17
Natria Multi-Insect Control ConcentrateSBM Life Science Corp.67702-4-92564NoYesNoInsecticide, Fungicide26-Jun-17
Natria Multi-Insect Control Ready-to-SpraySBM Life Science Corp.67702-4-92564NoYesNoInsecticide, Fungicide26-Jun-17
Natria Neem Oil ConcentrateSBM Life Science Corp.70051-2-92564NoYesNoInsecticide, Fungicide14-Aug-17
Natria Neem Oil Ready-To-UseSBM Life Science Corp.70051-13-92564NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide31-Jul-17
Natural Guard Brand by Ferti-lome Insecticidal Soap ConcentrateVoluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.67702-22-7401YesYesYesInsecticide04-Nov-16
Natural Guard Brand by Ferti-lome NeemVoluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.70051-2-7401NoYesNoInsecticide, Miticide11/18/15 - Commercial and hemp uses no longer permitted.15-Sep-15
Natural Guard Brand NeemVoluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.70051-2-7401YesYesNoInsecticide9/22/16 - Commercial use added.20-Aug-15
Nature-Cide All Purpose Commercial ConcentratePacific Shore Holdings, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide05-May-16
Nature-Cide All Purpose InsecticidePacific Shore Holdings, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Nature-Cide OUTDOORPacific Shore Holdings, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticideOutdoor use only.05-May-16
Nature-Cide Pest Management Commercial ConcentratePacific Shore Holdings, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide05-May-16
Neem ConcentrateGreen Light, A Valent U.S.A. Company70051-2-85827YesYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide20-Aug-15
Neem Oil 3n1The Espoma Company70051-13-83598NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide17-Apr-17
Neemix 4.5 Insect Growth RegulatorCertis USA, LLC70051-9YesYesYesNematicide20-Aug-15
NimBioSys Neem Oil (Ag Use)The Ahimsa Alternative, Inc.84181-2YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
NimBioSys Neem Oil (residential use)The Ahimsa Alternative, Inc.84181-2YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
No Powdery MildewGreenway Nutrients25(b)YesYesYesFungicide17-Jul-17
No Spider MitesGreenway Nutrients25(b)YesYesYesMiticide17-Jul-17
Nuke EmFlying Skull Plant Products25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide13-Oct-16
Nutrol 0-50-32Lidochem, Inc.70644-1YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Omni Oil 6EHelena Chemical Company5905-368NoNoYesInsecticideNo greenhouse/indoor use allowed. Commercial use only.20-Aug-15
Omni Supreme SprayHelena Chemical Company5905-368NoNoYesInsecticideAs of 11/23/15, commercial and personal uses are not allowed.20-Aug-15
Optify/StretchUnited Suppliers, Inc.33270-40YesNoYesPGROutdoor use only.23-Sep-16
Organocide 3-in-1 Garden Spray ConcentrateOrganic Laboratories, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInseciticde, Miticide, Fungicide25-Apr-16
Organocide 3-in-1 Garden Spray Ready to SprayOrganic Laboratories, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
Organocide 3-in-1 Garden Spray Ready to UseOrganic Laboratories, Inc25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide05-May-16
Ornazin 3% EC Botanical InsecticideSePRO Corporation5481-476-67690YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Ortho Elementals Garden Insect KillerThe Ortho Group67702-6-239NoYesNoInsecticide20-Aug-15
Ortho Elementals Insecticidal SoapThe Ortho Group67702-21-239YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Ortho Tree & Shrub Fruit Tree Spray ConcentrateThe Ortho Group70051-75-239YesYesNoFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
OxiDate 2.0BioSafe Systems, LLC70299-12YesYesYesFungicideNo foliar applications allowed.20-Aug-15
OxiPhosBioSafe Systems, LLC70299-22YesYesYesAntimicrobial, FungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Path-Away Plant ProtectantGlobal Infection Control Consultants LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Jan-16
Perma-Guard Crawling Insect ControlPerma-Guard Inc.73729-1-67197YesYesYesInsecticide29-Jun-16
Perpose PlusA Growing Alternative86729-1YesYesYesAlgaecide, Fungicide20-Aug-15
PestXpert Pyrethrum PBO Plus ConcentrateMcLaughlin Gormley King Co DBA MGK1021-1770YesYesYesInsecticide25-Apr-17
PFR-97 20% WDGCertis USA, LLC70051-19NoNoYesInsecticideOnly for outdoor grows, or intended for transplanting to outdoor fields04-Aug-17
Phostrol Agricultural FungicideNufarm Americas, Inc. AGT Division55146-83YesYesYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
PhyduraSoil Technologies Corp.25(b)YesYesYesHerbicide20-Mar-17
Plasma Neem Oil EC Biological InsecticidePlasma Power Private Limited84185-5YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Powdery Mildew Killer (concentrate)Growers Trust25(b)YesYesYesFungicide28-Aug-15
PreferalSePRO Corporation70051-19-67690YesYesYesInsecticide04-Aug-17
Prescription Treatment brand Pyreth-It Formula 2Whitmire Micro-Gen Research Laboratories, Inc.499-475YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Prescription Treatment Brand Pyrethrum TR Micro Total Release InsecticideWhitmire Micro-Gen Research Laboratories, Inc.499-479YesNoYesInsecticideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Prescription Treatment brand Ultra-Pure OilWhitmire Micro-Gen Research Laboratories, Inc.69526-5-499YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, MiticideUse allowed as a leaf polish only.23-Sep-16
Pro Cann-Care Synergy+ ConcentrateCann-Care Company25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide01-Feb-17
Pro Cann-Care Synergy+ RTUGenericERA, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide03-Oct-16
Pro Cann-Care Synergy+ RTUCann-Care Company25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide01-Feb-17
ProcidicGreenspire Global, Inc25(b)YesYesYesBactericide, Fungicide26-Jun-17
Procidic2Greenspire Global, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesBactericide, Fungicide12-Apr-16
Pro-Mix Biofungicide + MycorrhizaePremier Horticulture Inc.74267-4YesYesYesFungicideFor use in protected growing environments only (eg. greenhouses).20-Aug-15
Pro-Mix BRK Biofungicide + MycorrhizaePremier Horticulture Inc.74267-4YesYesYesFungicideFor use in protected growing environments only (eg. greenhouses).20-Aug-15
Pro-Mix BRK20 Biofungicide + MycorrhizaePremier Horticulture Inc.74267-4YesYesYesFungicideFor use in protected growing environments only (eg. greenhouses).20-Aug-15
Pro-Mix BX Biofungicide + MycorrhizaePremier Horticulture Inc.74267-4YesYesNoFungicideGrowing medium. Greenhouse use only.20-Aug-15
Pro-Mix HP Biofungicide + MycorrhizaePremier Horticulture Inc.74267-4YesYesNoFungicideGrowing medium. Greenhouse use only.20-Aug-15
Pro-Mix HPCC Biofungicide + MycorrhizaePremier Horticulture Inc.74267-4YesYesYesFungicideGreenhouse use only.29-Jun-16
Pure 3-WayPure Nutrients25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide03-Dec-15
Pure Green ThumbPure Nutrients25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
Pure Kapow!Pure Nutrients25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
PureAg Pest Control Food Grade (concentrate)PureAg25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide13-Oct-15
Pyganic Crop Protection EC 1.4 IIMGK1021-1771YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Pyganic Crop Protection EC 5.0 IIMGK1021-1772YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
PyGanic GardeningMGK1021-1771NoYesNoInsecticideOutdoor use only.15-Jun-16
Pyganic SpecialtyMGK1021-1772YesYesYesInsecticide18-Nov-15
Pyrethrum TR Total Release InsecticideBASF Corporation499-479YesYesNoInsecticideGreenhouse use only.20-Aug-15
Pyronyl Crop SprayCentral Garden & Pet Company89459-26NoNoYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Rampart FungicideLoveland Products, Inc.34704-924YesYesYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Rapidgrow Rootburst PowderRapidgrow Industries, Inc.83527-1YesYesYesPGRNursery/greenhouse use only.20-Aug-15
Reliant Systemic FungicideQuest Products LLC83416-1YesYesYesFungicideCan only be used prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Resist 57Actagro LLC82940-1YesNoYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
Rid-BugsAZ Enterprises, Inc. & Organic Ag Products25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide03-Oct-17
Root Cleaner ConcentratedCentral Coast Garden Products Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide23-Aug-16
Ro-Pel Deer & Rabbit Repellent Ready to UseGrant Laboratories Inc.8119-8-1663YesYesYesMammal Repellent20-Aug-15
Rose Rx 3 in 1 ConcentrateBonide Products, Inc.70051-2-4YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide05-Oct-16
Rose Rx 3 in 1 Ready to UseBonide Products, Inc.70051-13-4NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide05-Oct-16
Safer Brand #567 Pyrethrin & Insecticidal Soap Concentrate IISafer, Inc.59913-9YesYesYesInsecticideUse prior to flowering17-May-17
Safer Brand 3-in-1 Concentrate IISafer, Inc.59913-13NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, MiticideResidential use only. Fungicide use acceptable indoors or outdoors. Insecticide/miticide use only allowed outdoors.11-Apr-16
Safer Brand 3-in-1 Garden Spray IISafer, Inc.59913-12YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
Safer Brand BioNeem Insecticide & Repellent Multi-Purpose ConcentrateSafer, Inc.70051-6-42697YesYesYesInsecticideOnly on bedding plants or potted plants in and around a home.20-Aug-15
Safer Brand Garden Defense Multi-Purpose Spray ConcentrateSafer, Inc.70051-2-42697NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide03-Apr-17
Safer Brand Garden Fungicide for Flowers, Fruit, and Vegetables, ConcentrateSafer, Inc.42697-37YesYesNoFungicide20-Aug-15
Safer Brand Garden Fungicide II for Flowers, Fruits, and VegetablesSafer, Inc.59913-11YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide14-Feb-17
Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap ConcentrateIISafer, Inc.42697-60YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap with Seaweed ExtractIISafer, Inc.42697-59YesYesNoInsecticide20-Aug-15
Safer Brand Neem Oil ConcentrateSafer, Inc. (AWOS of Woodstream Corporation)70051-2-42697YesYesYesFungicide, Miticide, Insecticid07-Jul-17
Safer Brand Neem Oil RTUSafer, Inc.70051-13-42697NoYesNoInsecticide, Fungicide, Miticide15-Aug-17
Safer Brand Yard & Garden Insect Killer IISafer, Inc.59913-10YesYesNoInsecticide20-Aug-15
SaferGro Mildew CureJH Biotech, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
SaferGro Pest OutSaferGro Laboratories, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Schultz Garden Safe Fungicide 3 ConcentrateSchultz Company70051-2-39609NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide20-Aug-15
Schultz Garden Safe Insecticidal Multi-Purpose Soap Insect KillerSchultz Company67702-13-39609YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
SeaCrop16North American Kelp45246-1-71364YesYesYesPGRTransplanting and seed bed treatment only.22-Sep-16
Serenade Garden Disease Control ConcentrateBayer CropScience LP264-1152YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Serenade Garden Disease Control Ready to SprayBayer CropScience LP264-1152YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Serenade Garden Disease Control Ready to UseBayer CropScience LP264-1154YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Sil-MatrixPQ Corporation82100-1YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide01-Mar-17
SmiteSupreme Growers LLC25(b)YesYesYesMiticide10-Mar-16
SNS 203 Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench/SpraySierra Natural Science Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticideDo not spray on buds or flowers.20-Aug-15
SNS 209 All Natural Systemic Pest Control ConcentrateSierra Natural Science Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsect Repellent20-Aug-15
SNS 217 All Natural Ready to Use Spider Mite ControlSierra Natural Science Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
SNS 217C All Natural Spider Mite Control ConcentrateSierra Natural Science Inc.25(b)YesYesYesMiticide20-Aug-15
SNS 244 All Natural Ready to Use FungicideSierra Natural Science Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
SNS 244C All Natural Concentrated FungicideSierra Natural Science Inc.25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Spear OVestaron Corporation88847-2YesNoYesInsecticide14-Apr-17
Spear TVestaron Corporation88847-2YesYesYesInsecticideGreenhouse use only01-Aug-17
Spider Mite ControlVegalab25(b)YesYesYesMiticide20-Aug-15
Spider Mite EggsterminatorMiteggate LLC25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide28-Feb-17
Spider Mite Killer (concentrate)Growers Trust25(b)YesYesYesMiticide28-Aug-15
Spore ControlVegalab25(b)YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
SuffOil-XBioWorks, Inc.48813-1-68539YesYesYesInsecticide, Miticide, Fungicide11-Sep-15
Summit Year-Round Spray OilSummit Chemical Company6218-71YesYesYesInsecticide01-Mar-17
Suppress Herbicide ECWestbridge Agricultural Products51517-9YesYesYesHerbicide04-Aug-16
Surround WP Crop ProtectantTessenderlo Kerley, Inc.61842-18YesYesYesInsecticide, PGR20-Aug-15
Sysstem-K Blue Agricultural FungicideAgro-K Corporation48222-10YesNoYesFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant.26-Jul-16
Take Down Garden Spray (concentrate)Lawn and Garden Products, Inc67702-5-54705NoYesNoInsecticideOnly for use in home gardens and home greenhouses.20-Aug-15
Take Down Garden Spray RTULawn and Garden Products, Inc67702-6-54705NoYesNoInsecticideOnly for use in home gardens and home greenhouses.20-Aug-15
Tenet WPIsagro USA, Inc.80289-9YesYesYesFungicide12-Dec-16
TerraClean 5.0BioSafe Systems, LLC70299-13YesYesYesAntimicrobial, Fungicide08-Sep-15
TerraNeem ECTerramera, Inc.88760-5YesYesYesIGR, Insect Repellent29-Jun-16
Tersus InsecticideMGK1021-2616YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
TetraCURB ConcentrateKemin Industries, Inc.25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide12-Apr-16
The Ecology Works SoluNeemThe Ecology Works81899-4-67419YesYesYesInsecticide12-Oct-16
Thuricide N/GOHP, Inc.70051-53-59807YesYesYesInsecticideGreenhouse/indoor use only30-Aug-17
Thyme BombCann-Care Company25(b)YesYesYesInsecticide and Fungicide01-Feb-17
Tiger GrowSurVerda Labs25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide04-Oct-17
Triact 70OHP, Inc.70051-2-59807YesYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide20-Aug-15
Triathlon BAOHP, Inc.70051-107-59807YesYesYesFungicide20-Aug-15
Trifecta Crop ControlTrifecta LLC25(b)YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide11-Apr-16
TrilogyCertis USA, LLC70051-2YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
Triple Action Neem OilSouthern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc.70051-2-829NoYesNoFungicide, Insecticide, Miticide10-Mar-16
TriTekBrandt Consolidated, Inc.48813-1YesYesYesFungicide, Insecticide20-Aug-15
TyGRO Insect Fogger IBASF Corporation499-547NoYesNoInsecticideUse allowed indoors.20-Aug-15
TyGro Insect Fogger IWhitmire Micro-Gen Research Laboratories, Inc.499-547YesYesYesInsecticideHemp use allowed only if grown indoors.20-Aug-15
Valent Professional Products DiPel Pro DF Biological Insecticide Dry FlowableValent BioSciences Corporation73049-39YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Venerate XCMarrone Bio Innovations84059-14YesYesYesInsecticide11-Jul-17
Whitney Farms Insecticidal SoapSwiss Farms Products, Inc.67702-21-73327YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Worry Free Brand Insecticidal Soap Ready-to-UseLilly Miller Brands67702-21-33116YesYesYesInsecticideUse allowed prior to final transplant.20-Aug-15
WorryFree brand Garden Insect Control Ready-to-UseLilly Miller Brands67702-6-33116YesYesNoInsecticide20-Aug-15
XenTari Biological Insecticide Dry FlowableValent BioSciences Corporation73049-40YesYesYesInsecticide20-Aug-15
Xpectro ODLAM International Corporation82074-5YesYesYesInsecticide10-Mar-16
ZeroTol 2.0BioSafe Systems, LLC70299-12YesYesYesAntimicrobial, FungicideGreenhouse use only. (Hydrogen Dioxide = Hydrogen Peroxide)20-Aug-15
Zonix BiofungicideJeneil Biosurfactant Company72431-1YesYesNoFungicideUse allowed prior to final transplant in greenhouses and nurseries.15-Dec-15

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