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Boulder Vital Herbs Dispensary Review | Boulder, Colorado


 Boulder Vital Herbs

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Information:

Boulder Vital Herbs
2527 Broadway St.
Boulder, CO 80304
Phone: 303-440-0234

Boulder Vital Herbs Dispensary Review

Boulder Vital Herbs is a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary located near on Broadway st. near the Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder, Co.  Boulder Vital Herbs goes above and beyond to offer exceptional products and services to medical marijuana patients in Boulder, some of which include:

  • Numerous High Grade Medical Marijuana Strains
  • Medicated Edibles and Tincture
  • Caregiver Services
  • How to Grow Your Own Marijuana Classes
  • Clones
  • Medical Marijuana Legal Information
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Medical Marijuana Delivery Services

Boulder Vital Herbs dispensary has a variety of different indica and sativa cannabis strains for medicinal use available at any given time. Marijuana strains commonly in stock at Boulder Vital Herb include:

  • Sour Diesel
  • Diesel
  • Big Bud x Blueberry
  • Blue Hindu (Flo x Hindu Kush)
  • G-Fruit (G-13 x Juicy Fruit)
  • Sheherazade
  • Mr. Nice Guy
  • Hawaiian
  • Berry Blast (Blueberry x Grapefruit)
  • Jack Herer x Trainwreck (a House Special)

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