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Colorado Springs Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado Springs

After Denver, Colorado Springs rivals Boulder for having being home to the second largest number of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.  No doubt, the abundance of Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensaries and much of the success many of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs have experienced is owed, in part, to the strong influence of and dedicated individuals at the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council.

Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, or CSMCC, is a Colorado non-profit organization that is committed to supporting the medical marijuana industry, as well as the MMJ patients and businesses that comprise it, through various means.  For instance, CSMCC participates in events to educate the public about cannabis by separating the facts from the fiction regarding the use of medical marijuana, detailing the benefits of the medical marijuana industry and local small medical marijuana businesses, many of which are family owned and operated.  Businesses that were given birth with the rise of legal marijuana for medical patients in Colorado include marijuana dispensaries, THC infused edible companies, growers, testing labs, extract companies that make high concentrate THC products like bubble hash and earwax, and other businesses associated with Colorado's still developing legal marijuana market. 

One thing is for sure, and should be readily apparent to any observant individual that tours the City of Colorado Springs: There is no shortage of quality Colorado Spring marijuana dispensaries. If you're new to the dispensary scene in The Springs, however, the large number of MMJ dispensaries  can at first be a bit overwhelming.  You may have to sample the buds at several weed dispensaries before you find the one that fits you're medicinal or recreational needs the best. 

Colorado Springs Marijuana Dispensaries

Below you will find a list of top medical Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensaries.

A Cut Above
1150 E. Fillmore St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

A Cut Above
3750 Astrozon Blvd., Ste 140
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Alternative Medicine Colorado Springs
2606 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Altitude Organic Medicine
409 S. Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Aromas & Herbs, LLC - Go Green Cross
2514 W. Colorado Ave., Ste 206
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Bijou Wellness Center
2132 E. Bijou St., Ste 114
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

1466 Woolsey Heights
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Cannabis Connection of the Rockies
4850 Galley Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Canna Care
1675 Jet Wing Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Canna Caregivers
3220 N. Academy Blvd., Ste 4
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Cannabis Therapeutics Caregivers Cooperative
907 E. Fillmore St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

5761 Constitution Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Canna-pothecary, LLC
1730 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Care West, LLC
1351 Pecan St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Colorado Cannabis Caregivers
2203 N. Webster St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Colorado Cannabis Center
1905 N. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Crosspoint Medical
3132 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904-2041
Doctors Orders
2106 E. Boulder St.
Colorado Springs, 80909
2231 E. Platte Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Emerald City Wellness
1353 S. 8th Street, Suite # 102
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Pikes Peak Cannabis Caregivers
3715 Drennan Road  
Colorado Springs, 80910

Epic Medical Caregiver 
3631 Galley Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

2233 Academy Pl # 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Front Range Alternative Medicines
P.O. Box 60744
Colorado Springs, CO 80960

Genovation Laboratories
957 E Fillmore St

Hatch Wellness Center
1478 Woolsey Heights

Mari Meds
222 E. Moreno Ave. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 

MC Caregivers Inc 

6020 Erin Park Drive  
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Medical Marijuana Connection
2933 Galley Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Mountain Made Meds
5162 Centennial Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Natural Advantage Medical Marijuana Center
925 W Cucharras St
Colorado Springs, 80905
Phone: 719-533-1177

Natural Remedies MMJ
408 S. Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Nature's Medicine Wellness Center
11 S 25th St., Suite 220
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Nature's Way
5012 North Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Old World Pharmaceutical
6347 E Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80915-3705

Pikes Peak Alternative Health and Wellness Centers
1605 S. Tejon St., Suite 101
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

3715 Drennan Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Pikes Peak Compassionate Care Center
2845 Ore Mill Rd. #6
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Sunshine Wellness Center
31 N. Tejon St., Suite 400
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

THC - The Highland Collective
332 W. Bijou St., Suite 101
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

The Green Door Collective
3470 Chelton Loop N., Unit H
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

The Green Earth Wellness Center
519 N. 30th St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

The Healthy Connections
1602 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

The Healing Canna
3692 E. Bijou Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

The Hemp Center
2501 W. Colorado Ave., #106
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

The Highlands Cooperative
332 West Bijou St., Suite 101
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

The Organic Seed
2303 East Platte Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

The Parc (Patient Activity Resource Center)
957 E Fillmore St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Today's Health Care
1635 W. Unintah St., Suite E
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Top Buds, LLC
575 Valley St. #10
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Tree of Wellness
1000 W. Fillmore St., Suite 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Trichome Health Consultants
2117 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

U-Heal Apothecary
101 N. Tejon St., #102
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

We Grow Colorado, LLC
2502 E. Bijou St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Westside Wellness Center
2200 Bott Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

As you can see, Colorado Springs has an ample supply of medical marijuana dispensaries, allowing Colorado Springs MMJ Patients a variety of unique cannabis clinics to buy their medication from.  Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensaries provide Colorado MMJ patients with a variety of services including but not limited to access to hundreds of different indica, sativa and hybrid medical marijuana strains, medical marijuana edibles, tinctures, high concentrates, hash oils, kiefs, marijuana delivery services and much more.  

If you did not find the Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensary you are looking for please let us know by contacting us here.


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