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Maui Waui Strain Review


Maui Waui MMJ Strain

Maui Waui Strain Info:

Overall Grade: B
Nickname(s): Maui; Maui Wowie; Maui; Wowi
Strain Type: Sativa dominant
THC Content: 14% to 17%
Buzz/Effects:  Energetic, Cerebral, Head High
Taste: Piny, Earthly
Smell: Citrus, Piny
Maui Plant Yield: High
Flowering Time: 7 to 8 weeks
Plant Size: Tall
Maui Waui Strain Cannabis Seed Price: $12 to $29 per 10 seeds 
Where to Buy Maui Waui Seeds: Sensi Seeds
Maui Waui Strain Sample from: The Greenest Green

Maui Waui Review

Maui Waui medical marijuana strain is a popular medical grade marijuana strain available to MMJ patients at many MMJ dispensaries in Colorado and else where in the US that have decriminalized the use of medical marijuana.

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