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Lemon Sativa Strain Review

Lemon Sativa Overall Rating: 4/5 Type of weed: Sativa Appearance of Lemon Sativa: Light green, semi-dense, medium sized buds. How the Lemon Sativa strain weed smells: Citrus/Pine weed scent from this particular batch of Lemon Sativa strain marijuana. What Lemon Sativa tastes like: Lemony hemp weed taste. Lemon Sativa Strain Effects: Very high potency.  Strong cerebral head high.  Little to no body high. May make you feel...     Creative     Energetic     Happy     Hungry     Uplifted Lemon Sativa Helps with: Great for Relaxing and Increasing Appetite

OG Querkle x Space Cheese Strain | MMJ Strain Reviews - Boulder, CO

OG Querkle x Space Cheese Strain Type: Sativa hybrid High: Long lasting, clear headed high; stimulated and cheerful mood. Dispensary: LivWell Boulder Grade: A- OG Querkle x Space Cheese strain is a great sativa-dominanat marijuana strain.  Smoking a good size bowl (around 0.5 grams) will give you a strong, clear headed high.  This batch of OG Querkle x Space Cheese marijuana was purchased for $25 for 1/8 OZ from LivWell dispensary in Boulder, Colorado (located on Folosom St.). OG Querkle x Space Cheese Reviews If you've used OG Querkle x Space Cheese strain, let us know what you thought about it by posting a comment below.

Raspberry Cough Marijuana Strain Review + Info

Raspberry Cough Strain Lineage: Kambodga x Ice F1 Flowering: 9 to 10 weeks; Photoperiod THC Content: High (around 24%) Type: Sativa Dominant Raspberry Cough is a sativa dominant strain with a ratio of approximately 70 to 30 sativa to indica. Effects Smoking a large bowl or joint (say just under a gram) of Raspberry Cough should be enough to get veteran weed smokers high.  Raspberry Cough strain delivers a clear and mellow head high with an accompanying relaxing yet non-tiring body high. Appearance, Texture, Smell Raspberry Cough is a good looking strain of weed.  When properly grown, Raspberry Cough nugs are medium to large (2 to 5 inches) and dense yet easy to breakup in your fingers, a feature that makes rolling joints, blunts or spliffs easy and convenient. True to its name, Raspberry Cough emits a citrus scent that is complimented by a spicy fragrance. Where to get good Raspberry Cough weed? The best Raspberry Cough we've come acro

Arjan's Haze #1 Strain

Arjan's Haze #1 Review Strain: Sativa dominant (70/30) Effect: Serious Head High Optimal Growing Envirnoment: suitable for indoor or outdoor THC Level: High (18% to 22%) Type: Feminized Where to buy Seeds and/or Plants: N/A

Ice Strain Marijuana Review + Information

Ice Strain Review Strain Type: 50/50 hybrid Effect: Happy, relaxed and focused Flowering Time: around 8 weeks Plant size: small to medium hight Indoor/Outdoor: Best grown indoors Seed Pricing: $35 for 10 seeds Yield: Medium to high Ice Weed Review If you're looking for a super dank hybrid weed strain, Ice may be just what your looking for.  This 50/50 hybrid strain delivers an ecstatic buzz with a bit.  Smoking a good size bowl (say 0.7 grams) of Ice weed keeps me relaxed and focused for hours. Shortly after using Ice weed, that the strain is a 50/50 cross of Indica and Sativa becomes clear, as standard effects of Sativa and Indica set in.  Some grows of Ice marijuana produce buds that deliver a high weighing more toward the Sativa side, while other grows produce pot that feels almost indica dominant.  When Ice weed strain is grown to perfection, however, the Sativa and Indica effects should be equally strong. Ice strain marijuana is said to have several medici

Golden Goat Marijuana Strain Review, Info + Pictures

Golden Goat Strain Review Golden Goat Strain medical marijuana is a popular cannabis strain among Colorado medical marijuana patients.  It seems to fly off the shelves at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries and is so for good reason. Golden Goat Strain Info Golden Goat Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Golden Goat Strain Info Overall Grade: A Strain Type: Satvia Dominant Hybrid Appearance: Bright light green; light orange hairs; dense. Smell: bland scent before grinding; pungent, sweet, citrus lemony odor once ground or broken. Taste: sweet, dank citrus taste with a heavy smoke Effects: strong yet mellow mind high with relaxing body high Duration: 1 dose (0.7 grams) should last 2 to 3 hours Characteristics of Golden Goat Marijuana Strain   Smell/Appearance/Texture Strain Smell: Golden Goat strain medical marijuana has a somewhat weak or bland odor before its broken or ground.  Once broken apart, or gowned in a bud grinder, however, golden

Golden Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Golden Haze Strai n Golden Haze Strain medical marijuana is popular among many medical marijuana patients and available for licensed Colorado mmj patients with a valid Colorado medical marijuana license at many Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries. Golden Haze Strain Information Overall Review Grade: B Strain Type: Sativa Potency: Mid-to-High THC Content Effects: Long lasting, mild, calming head buzz Aroma: sweet, crisp pine odor Genetics / Lineage: Acapulco x Haze Flowering Time: Above average (70 to 90 days) Indoor Yield: High

Grape Stomper Medical Marijuana Strain Review + Info

Grape Stomper Strain From Grape Stomper marijuana buds anomalous dark purple colored tint scattered with glistening crystals to it's unusually dense texture, sweet scent and sativa strain high, Grape Stomper strain medical marijuana is one of the more unique strains of medical marijuana that you'll come across in Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries. Grape Stomper Marijuana Strain Grape Stomper Marijuana Strain Review Grape Stomper is a Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain.  Like all medical marijuana strains, Grape Stomper will effect each person differently.  However, like most sativa dominant medicinal marijuana strains, the effects of Grape Stomper are   See the Genetics section below for information about Grape Stomper strain lineage and genetics. Grape Stomper Potency Grape Stomper is an extremely potent medical marijuana sativa strain variety.  When properly cultivated, Grape Stomper strain marijuana can reach a THC content of as high as 25%.  

Four Way (4-way) Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Four Way Strain Review and Information Four Way strain marijuana, or 4-way, is an easy to grow yet somewhat rare medical marijuana strain.   Four way strain cannabis is a sativa dominant marijuana strain with a quality, long-lasting mind high.  Four way strain is an average light green color with plenty of trichomes. 4-Way Medical Marijuana Strain 4-way cannabis seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors.   When grown indoors 4-way strain cannabis plants flower faster than many strains of medical marijuana and produce a healthy harvest of sativa buds.

Double Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Double Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain Review Not many cannabis strain varieties are as well received by MMJ patients, dispensaries, collectives, caregivers, growers, cultivators and breeders as the Diesel line of marijuana stains, and for good reason.  Among the Diesel line marijuana strains are some of the most popular and sought after medical marijuana strains, including Bio-Diesel, Double Strawberry Diesel, Grapefruit Diesel, Hawaiian Diesel, NYC Diesel, and Sour Diesel, to name just a few.  In company with the rest of the Diesel family of cannabis strains, Double Diesel ranks as a quality, high-grade medical marijuana strain. Double Diesel Strain Info Double Diesel Overall Rating: B+ Double Diesel Strain Cannabis Type: Sativa dominant Double Diesel Marijuana Effects: Mentally relaxing, feel-good high Double Diesel Strain Scent: Pleasant, fresh skunk, fruity odor Double Diesel Indoor Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks Double Diesel Outdoor Harvest: Late October

Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Review + Information

Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana Sour Diesel is one of the most popular and powerful medical marijuana strains in the cannabis trade. Sour Diesel Strain marijuana is a member of the renowned Diesel cannabis strain variety. It is a powerful, nearly pure sativa strain that is relatively easy to grow. On a normal lighting cycle for growing marijuana indoors, Reservoir's Sour Diesel cannabis seeds flower later than many marijuana strains, normally in the 11th week after planting Sour Diesel strain marijuana seeds. Sour Diesel Strain Review Sour Diesel can be grown with success indoors or outdoors, however it is strongly recommended that Sour Diesel marijuana is grown indoors using a hydroponic growing system and proper ventilation. Sour Diesel strain marijuana is one of the strongest smelling buds that you will come across. From the time that Sour Diesel cannabis plants approach the flowering period, to when it is harvest and even bagged to sell, the Sour Diesel strain em

Hawaiian Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Hawaiian Diesel Strain Hawaiian Diesel Strain info Strain Grade: B Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid Potency: Mid to High Potency Smell/Taste: Strong Citrus Piny Scent / Pine Taste Growing Hawaiian Diesel: Intermediate Growing difficulty Flowering Time: 57 to 67 days Best Growing Conditions: Indoor, hydro system, seeds or clones Hawaiian Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain Hawaiian Diesel Strain Review Hawaiian Diesel Cannabis strain has only recently made it's appearance in the medical marijuana industry.  However, as word of mouth spreads Hawaiian Diesel is making a name for itself, becoming more and more popular, and as a result, available to medical marijuana patients at an increasing number of medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics.

Durban Poison Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Durban Poison Strain Review Durban Poison Marijuana Strain Info Overall Grade: A Nickname(s): Durban Marijuana Type: Sativa THC Content: 14% to 16% Buzz -  Strong, Head High Durban Plant Yield: High Flowering Time: 55-60 days ( 8-9 weeks) Seed Price: $24-$44 per 10 seeds  Where to Buy Durban Poison Seeds: Sensi Seeds , Flying Dutchmen, Weed Seed Shop and White Label Seeds Durban Poison Strain Sample from: Colorado Alternative Medicine - CAM Durban Poison medical marijuana , or Durban for short, is a relatively easy to grow and maintain marijuana strain.  The Durban Poison strain is a F1 cross of a South African Sativa marijuana strain and a potent, early Dutch Skunk marijuana strain. It is rumored to have originated in the secret gardens of South Africa. The Poison Durban marijuana strain is typically a bit darker than your average medical marijuana strain.  Buds from the Durban strain are bulky and fairly dense. Strain Potency and

Maui Waui Strain Review

Maui Waui MMJ Strain Maui Waui Strain Info: Overall Grade: B Nickname(s): Maui; Maui Wowie; Maui; Wowi Strain Type: Sativa dominant THC Content: 14% to 17% Buzz/Effects:  Energetic, Cerebral, Head High Taste: Piny, Earthly Smell: Citrus, Piny Maui Plant Yield: High Flowering Time: 7 to 8 weeks Plant Size: Tall Maui Waui Strain Cannabis Seed Price: $12 to $29 per 10 seeds  Where to Buy Maui Waui Seeds: Sensi Seeds Maui Waui Strain Sample from: The Greenest Green Maui Waui Review Maui Waui medical marijuana strain is a popular medical grade marijuana strain available to MMJ patients at many MMJ dispensaries in Colorado  and else where in the US that have decriminalized the use of medical marijuana.

Ogiesel Marijuana Strain Review + Information

Ogiesel Strain  Ogiesel Strain Info Marijuana Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid THC Content: Medium to High Lineage/Geneology: Skunk x SFV OG Kush Flowering Time: 56 to 70 days Prices at Colorado dispensaries: $35 per 8th; $260 to $320 per ounce Ogiesel Review Ogiesel strain is a popular sativa dominant marijuana strain.  It is available for medical marijuana patients to buy at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Get information on more Medical Marijuana Strains  

Trainwreck Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Trainweck Strain Review Trainweck is a potent sativa marijuana commonly used for recreational and medicinal purposes.  The lineage of the trainwreck marijuana strain has been traced to Original E32 clone from Arcata, CA.  It is a light green color glittered with a coating of trichomes and peach to orange colored hairs. Trainwreck cannabis has a pungent sent reminiscent of pine and citrus.  Trainwreck marijuana normally comes in midsized buds with tight greenery. Trainwreck Strain Information Trainwreck's Potency Trainwrek is a potent marijuana strain with a THC content of 15% to 20%, higher than average medical marijuana strains.  With marijuana of 90% sativa and only 10% indica, the Trainwreck marijuana strain's genetics are highly sativa dominant . Trainwreck's Medical Uses Trainwreck is a powerful strain of Sativa cannabis with a with a large variety of medicinal uses.  As such, Trainwreck is widely recommended to medical marijuana patients.  It has be

AK-47 Strain Review

AK-47  Marijuana Strain AK-47 has been among one of the most popular strains of cannabis for both marijuana growers and users.  There are several reasons for the strains lasting popularity.  First of all, growers love the strain because AK-47 seeds are particularly easy to grow and yet still very strong.  Moreover, given AK-47 plants medium height, they produce ample yields in a relatively short period of time.  For a Sativa marijuana strain AK has a short flowering period.   Review of AK-47 Weed Stain Because of the consistently quick yield of quality product it is now commonly commercially produced in large quantities and quite easy to come across.  For this reason, regardless of the high quality of AK many medical marijuana clinics offer significant discounts on AK-47.  The Herbal Center (THC) , for instance, has an ongoing special of an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of AK-47 for $35. You don't have to take my word for the general esteem felt for AK-47

Blue Dream Strain Review - Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique

Blue Dream Strain from Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique Blue Dream is a Sativa-hybrid marijuana strain sold at many marijuana dispensaries in Colorado . Blue Dream Strain Blue Dream Strain Reviews Derived from cross-breeding DJ Short's Blue Berry and Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream cannabis plants normally produce mid-sized buds with a nice, light green color, a good amount of red hairs, crystals, and small areas admit of a purple tint. A pleasant skunk-like smell is characterized of Blue Dream cannabis buds. Blue Dream Potency Blue Dream is a High Potency Sativa dominant cannabis strain with THC levels normally ranging from 15% to 21% when properly treated and cured. Blue Dream Medical Qualities Medicinal uses of the Blue Dream strain are often include treatment of depression, stomach ailments, MS symptoms, and appetite. Do you have feedback on Blue Dream Strain? Submit your feedback on Blue Dream strain.  If you've smoked Blue Dream tell us what y

NYC Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain Review

NYC Diesel Strain New York City Diesel is one the most popular and potent strain of sativa. Winner of the 2001, 2003, 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup Best Sativa Award, NYC Diesel is widely acknowledged for it's near perfection. Needless to say, given the name New York Diesel, the strain finds its origins in the city of New York, NY. This favorite is an indoor grown cross breed of Mexican Sativa and Afghani. NYC Diesel omits a strong fruity or citrus like scent. Nugs are often larger than those that come off the average sativa cannabis plant; NYC Diesel buds are commonly 5-6 inche s, and sometimes up to 10". The New York City Diesel in the photograph below was of good quality and purchased from Colorado Alternative Medicine . New York Diesel Strain Review Strain Potency New York Diesel has a Very High potency with THC levels normally around 20%. As mentioned, NY Diesel is well known to be one of the most potent and powerful strains of sativa cannabis.

Sativa Strains

Sativa Marijuana Strains While the Indica species of the Cannabis genus is a relatively short plant, ranging anywhere from 2.5' to 6.5 feet tall, its polar opposite, the Sativa species often grown to be 7 to over 23 feet tall, though on average they range between 7 and 12 feet. Varieties of Sativa usually have a fruity, sweet smell to them which, with several strands, percolates through to the taste on the exhale. Again, in contrast to its nemesis, Indica , which provides one with a body high, Sativa strains are generally said to deliver a "mind high," characterized by energetic or uplifting feelings. Powerful Sativas Cough Diesel x Big Bud NYC Diesel Blue Dream Bio Diesel Headband Diesel Blue Dream #2 Mandarin Haze Power Plant Lemon Haze Juliet White Widow These are just a few of the huge number of great Sativa weed strains that can be found on the menus of MMJ dispensaries in Colorado.

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