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How to Reduce Liability Growing Marijuana In Colorado

8 Tips for Reducing your liability when growing marijuana in Colorado

Be cordial to neighbors and friends. Homes of marijuana growers in Colorado are usually raided when someone talks. Be cordial especially to your neighbors to reduce the chances of them turning you in. In fact do all you can to keep the fact that you are growing marijuana as private as possible.

Use and grow marijuana for medical use only. By growing and selling marijuana to others for recreational purposes you will attract the attention of the authorities and increase your legal liability.

In Colorado, discretion is vitally important in conducting a successful marijuana grow operation. Even though you are permitted to grow cannabis plants for medicinal purposes, this does not mean that you should flaunt it. Grow your weed plants indoors if you can, and try to keep them in an area that is not clearly visible. Use proper ventilation to avoid the strong scents associated with cultivating cannabis.

Stay within the legal limits defined by Colorado state law; plant and harvest your cannabis plants according to these limits to avoid troubles from local law enforcement.  If you feel you need more than the limits prescribed to you should, consult with your doctor to ask for a recommendation.

Discard old materials. Get rid of all the growing equipment and cannabis plant waste that you are not utilizing.  such as plant waste or outdated cannabis growing supplies, HPS or LED grow lights, or without delay. Immediately dispose of old plant material by placing in a dark trash bag and throwing in public dumpsters. Never mix this with your other trash or materials that can be linked to you.

Labels are important. Keep a copy of the Colorado state law and your medical marijuana card close to your cannabis garden to be able to indicate to authorities that you are within Colorado laws pertaining to the cultivation of marijuana plants for medicinal use by registered medical marijuana patients, should the need arise. You should also label your marijuana containers in a way to inform police that you are storing medical marijuana for your personal use (just in case you are one day raided or investigated).

Be careful of inviting people to your grow site. Think carefully before you invite people over to your home or place of cultivation. This might seem obvious, but consider the times when you need to invite people over for maintenance or installation of services such as a plumber, cable repair guy or telephone company. These people could see or smell the rich scent of growing weed and report you to authorities. When possible, do garden and system maintenances yourself.  If you can't take care of it yourself, then have someone that is close to you and you trust to do it for you.

Don’t do things to attract attention. Do not allow suspect people to gather at your home. You should also avoid loud music and parties which will attract the attention of law enforcement officers and lead to a search of your home.   


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