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Ingrid Marijuana Strain Review

Ingrid Medical Marijuana Strain Review Ingrid Strain Review: Info Breakdown Overall Grade for Ingrid Strain: B Marijuana Strain Type: Indica Ingrid Strain Potency: Mid to High Potency cannabis Effects of Ingrid Strain Marijuana: Relaxing body high Ingrid Strain Smell/Taste: Pungent skunkish odor Growing Ingrid Medical Marijuana Plants: Easy to Intermediate Typical Flowering Time Ingrid Strain Marijuana Plants: 54 to 66 days  How to Best Grow Ingrid Strain Cannabis: Indoors; HPS lighting; hydroponic system or soil; starting with seeds or clones. Ingrid Strain Sample Obtained from: The Walking Raven Dispensary Ingrid Strain Review: Appearance/Texture Ingrid strain is a quality medical marijuana strain that is becoming increasingly popular among MMJ patients and recreational users of marijuana.  It is more dense and of a lighter tone green than most indica strains, or medical marijuana strains in general.  Ingred strain cannabis buds are dense, ti

Grand Daddy Purple Strain (AKA Granddaddy Purps or GDP) Review

Review of  Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain Grand Daddy Purple strain , also known as Granddaddy Purps or simple GDP is a popular marijuana strain at medical marijuana dispensaries, among MMJ patients, and recreational marijuana users.  Grand Daddy Purple strain marijuana is a potent indica cannabis variety.  Granddaddy Purple strain marijuana buds are dark green color, common of indica dominant strains, with a unique purple overtone and dark orange hairs. Granddaddy Purple strain marijuana normally has a very pungent odor and sticky texture.

The Kind Room - Denver, CO Dispensary Review

The Kind Room MMJ Dispensary The Kind Room is a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary located in a safe, secure location of Denver, CO.  The Kind Room medical marijuana dispensary or cannabis clinic provides Colorado MMJ patients with a friendly environment, compassionate staff that is knowledgeable on medical marijuana strains, medical qualities, growing and much more. The Kind Room medical marijuana dispensary or cannabis clinic has been in business for over 3 years, during which the variety and quality of their medical marijuana and other meds has only increased.  The Kind Room offers a variety of MMJ products and services to Colorado medical marijuana patients in and around the city of Denver, including over 30 unique local, indoor and organic cannabis strains, concentrates, marijuana clones for growing your own pot and normally offers special deals to new patients and issues coupons. Of the over 30 medical marijuana strains available at The Kind Room dispensary, some o

Clifton Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Clifton Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Clifton medical marijuana dispensaries are permitted by the city of Clifton, CO.  Medical marijuana or cannabis clinics in Clifton provide an array of medicated cannabis products and services to Colorado MMJ patients in and around the city of Clifton.  Currently there are few Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in the small town of Clifton. MMJ Dispensaries in Clifton, Colorado Below you will find Clifton medical marijuana dispensaries: God's Gift 571 32 Rd. Clifton, CO 81504 View Larger Map Despite the small number of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Clifton, MMJ patients that are residents of Clifton have relatively easy access to medical marijuana strains , edibles, concentrates and a variety or other MMJ products and services.

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