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Medical Marijuana Concentrates


Marijuana THC Concentrates

Medical marijuana is not the only mind-altering medication in high demand at Colorado marijuana dispensaries, and it is nowhere near the strongest form of THC available at medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.  Nearly all Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries now carry medical marijuana concentrates.  Marijuana Concentrates exist in a variety of forms all of which can be found at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics.  Remember though, that there is always room to improve medical marijuana concentrates which, in part, is why the quality and potency of medical marijuana and marijuana concentrates have increased so dramatically over the past century and continue to do so.

Making potent medical marijuana concentrates can be a difficult procedure the first couple of attempts.  However, it does not many failed attempts to learn how to make medical marijuana concentrates and once the process for making a particular medical marijuana concentrate is mastered, retaining the knowlege and reproducing results is as easy as riding a bike.

By collecting the resin from different strains of mature medical marijuana plants one can produce several different types of great medical marijuana concentrates, which are essentially very potent forms of condensed THC.

There are four major categories, or types of medical marijuana concentrates that can typically be found at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics.  The four main kinds of marijuana concentrates are listed below.

Types of Marijuana Concentrates

  • Hash or Hashish
  • Hash Oil
  • Kief
  • Earwax
Just as there are different marijuana strains within the two categories of medical marijuana, indica and sativa, within each of the above categories of high THC marijuana concentrates, there exists a large variety of medications, each providing unique benefits to MMJ patients.

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