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Top 10 Indica Medical Marijuana Strains

Ten Top Medical Marijuana Indica Strains

In search of the ultimate body high? There are hundreds of Medical Marijuana Strains that are currently in in circulation.  Medical marijuana strains are constantly being developed by innovated cannabis breeders, who then spread marijuana strains by selling seeds of particular strains to marijuana cultivators or growers who, in turn, spread the strain further by distributing the marijuana strains to dispensaries and caregivers, who finally present various strains of indicas and sativas and sell the marijuana strains to the end users, medical marijuana patients in the states where medicinal use of marijuana is legal.

Among the seemingly endless list of medical marijuana strains, there are many amazing sativa strains and indica strains that will suite the particular needs of most medical marijuana patients.  Users of sativa marijuana strains experience a cerebral, or mind high.  Most marijuana strains are a cross of sativa and indica marijuana strains with either the former or later dominant. 

Those looking for a strong calming body high, as oppose to the energetic mind high of sativa, want to find highly dominant indica strains that are on the high side of 80% to 100% indica and very potent, meaning the indica marijuana strains THC content is 15% to 20%. Below is a list of ten top indica marijuana strains for patients of medical marijuana

Ten Top Indica Strains:

  1. Amsterdam Flame
  2. BC Sweet God
  3. BC Sweet Tooth
  4. California Indica
  5. First Lady
  6. Granddaddy Grape Ape
  7. Hash Plant
  8. Northern Lights
  9. Purple Kush
  10. Wappa

All of the above medical marijuana strains are quality indica dominant strains with high THC levels to satisfy any indica craving.

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