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Organic Alternatives Dispensary Review - Fort Collins, CO

Organic Alternatives Marijuana Dispensary
Dispensary Info:

Organic Alternatives 346 E. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80524

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM to 7PM
           Sunday 10AM to 6PM
View Organic Alternatives Marijuana Dispensary in a larger mapOrganic Alternative Review

Organic Alternative is one of many quality medical marijuana dispensaries in Fort Collins.  Organic Alternative prides itself in providing Colorado medical marijuana patients in Fort Collins with top quality medical marijuana strains, medicated edibles, topicals and More.

Organic Alternative normally has a larger selection of medical marijuana strains available than most Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries.  Organic Alternative normally has the below list of medical marijuana strains available.

Organic Alternative's Featured Medical Marijuana Strains Often Include:

3 BerriesBlue BerryBlue ToothDJ Short BerryGod BerryIceMauiMountain JamNYC DieselSShrekSuper SkunkTrinityWhite WidowBlow FishBlue MysticCoughDurango S…

Colorado Cannabis Festiva: Marijuana Celebration, Dispensaries Compete, Music & More

Colorado Cannabis Festiva: Colorado's Largest Outdoor Cannabis Festival

Colorado's Cannabis Festiva, happening August 21st, 2010 should be a blast for all those involved in Colorado's cannabis industry.  With medical marijuana dispensaries competing for the rights to the title "303 Cannabis King".  With all the top-notch medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, the competition could be tough, and without doubt, the judges of this Colorado cannabis contest will be getting higher than hell at the Cannabis Festiva.  

As of August 1, 2010 all existing medical marijuana patients in Colorado must redesignate a caregiver to abide by Colorado law.  With numerous medical marijuana wellness centers and clinics from across Colorado attending the event, Cannabis Festiva will be an ideal place for MMJ patients to redesignate a caregiver.  Want to get your Medical Marijuana Card?  Cannabis Festiva will be an excellent place to do so, with doctors on site giving medical mariju…

MMJ Business Mixer Event by the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council

Medical Marijuana Business Mixer Colorado Marijuana Events Hosted by the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council
Back by popular demand, the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council will be hosting another MMJ Business mixer this coming Monday, August 16th at the Ritz Grill.  The last few medical marijuana events have been very well populated and people has enjoy the opportunity to network with like-minded medical marijuana business professionals.  Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council's MMJ Business Mixer event is FREE to everyone and is a great way to meet individuals involved in all areas of Colorado's Cannabis Industry and get new names and/or products on the shelves of medical marijuana centers throughout Colorado.
Medical Marijuana Business Mixer Event Details:
Date: August 16th, 2010 – Monday Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm Location:  The Ritz Grill – Elbow Room 15 S. Tejon, St – Colorado Springs, CO 80906
In addition to networking opportunities, the Medical Marijuana Business Mix…

101 Best Medical Marijuana Strains

Best Medical Marijuana Strains Marijuana breeders and scientists are growing cannabis and crossbreeding marijuana strains to target the sources of particular desired effects from using marijuana strains to create unique, more sophisticated and more powerful strains of medical grade marijuana that produce various "highs" and treat the particular symptoms experienced by legal medical marijuana patients.  As the cannabis industry grows at rapid rates the number of commonly recognized medical marijuana strains is exploding.  Their are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of medical marijuana strains.

Top Weed Strains
Below is a list of 101 of the indica and sativa marijuana strains that we at have deemed the best buds on the market.  These strains are among the top currently used for medicinal purposes and can be bought in medical marijuana dispensaries or clinics in the U.S. by registered medical marijuana patients.

AK-47AK-48Alien OGAmsterdam FlameArj…

Boulder Vital Herbs Dispensary Review | Boulder, Colorado

 Boulder Vital Herbs Medical Marijuana Dispensary Information:
Boulder Vital Herbs 2527 Broadway St. Boulder, CO 80304 Phone: 303-440-0234

Boulder Vital Herbs Dispensary Review Boulder Vital Herbs is a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary located near on Broadway st. near the Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder, Co.  Boulder Vital Herbs goes above and beyond to offer exceptional products and services to medical marijuana patients in Boulder, some of which include:

Numerous High Grade Medical Marijuana StrainsMedicated Edibles and TinctureCaregiver ServicesHow to Grow Your Own Marijuana ClassesClonesMedical Marijuana Legal InformationGarden MaintenanceMedical Marijuana Delivery Services
Boulder Vital Herbs dispensary has a variety of different indica and sativa cannabis strains for medicinal use available at any given time. Marijuana strains commonly in stock at Boulder Vital Herb include:

Sour DieselDieselBig Bud x BlueberryBlue Hindu (Flo x Hindu Kush)G-Fruit (G-13 x Juicy Fruit)Sheherazade…

Colorado Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur Attempts to Trademark 'Ganja' with U.S. Copyright Office

Colorado Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur Attempts to Trademark 'Ganja' with U.S. Copyright Office
In April of 2010, the United States patent office announced a new trademark: "Processed plant matter for medicinal purposes, namely medical marijuana." The category was... Get the Full Story at The Huffington Post

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