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Colorado Mountain Dispensary (CMD) Review | Carbondale, CO

Colorado Mountain Dispensary (CMD) C.M.D. Information and Address: Colorado Mountain Dispensary  1101 Village Road UL-3D Carbondale, CO 81623 Phone: (970) 963-2784 Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday from around 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  Sundays from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM. View Larger Map Colorado Mountain Dispensary C.M.D. is a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary that prides itself in the satisfaction of each medical marijuana patient that it provides its goods or services to.  Carbondale's C.M.D does the best to provide patients with a premium selection of medical marijuana products which include many strains of both indica and sativa marijuana strains, hash, hash oils, tinctures, marijuana edibles, renowned bath oils and topical creams.  Below are some of the most popular medical marijuana strains Colorado Mountain Dispensary has available to patients of medical marijuana.  Carbondale Kush Strain from C.M.D. Carbondal

Top 10 Indica Medical Marijuana Strains

Ten Top Medical Marijuana  Indica  Strains In search of the ultimate body high? There are hundreds of Medical Marijuana Strains that are currently in in circulation.  Medical marijuana strains are constantly being developed by innovated cannabis breeders, who then spread marijuana strains by selling seeds of particular strains to marijuana cultivators or growers who, in turn, spread the strain further by distributing the marijuana strains to dispensaries and caregivers, who finally present various strains of indicas and sativas and sell the marijuana strains to the end users, medical marijuana patients in the states where medicinal use of marijuana is legal. Among the seemingly endless list of medical marijuana strains , there are many amazing sativa strains and indica strains that will suite the particular needs of most medical marijuana patients.  Users of sativa marijuana strains experience a cerebral, or mind high.  Most marijuana strains are a cross of sativa and indica  marij

More Than 2,000 Want Colorado Marijuana Licenses -

More Than 2,000 Want Colorado Marijuana Licenses - More than 2,000 Colorado businesses, from growers to dispensaries, have applied for new state medical marijuana licenses. Th applications were due Sunday and provide the clearest sense yet of the size of Colorado's medical marijuana industry.... Get the full story on Colorado's Medical Marijuana Industry at

Where in the World is Medical Marijuana Legal?

Where in the World is Medical Marijuana Legal? Did You Know...As of January of 2010 14 states have decriminalized the possession or use of cannabis. That's right, Legal Medical Marijuana can be obtained with a doctors written consent in all of the following states: Alaska California Colorado Hawaii Maine Michigan Montana Nevada New Jersey New Mexico Oregon Rhode Island Vermont Washington Though each of these 14 states require proof of residency to qualify for medical marijuana use... Get more information of the legality of medical marijuana in U.S. states and countries around the world from the hub Where in the World is Medical Marijuana Legal an informational article on the about medical marijuana around the world! It features lists of countries, Providences, territories and U.S. States where medical smoking marijuana, or using THC in other ways, is either total legal, legal for medicinal purposes only, illegal but generally unforced, illegal, and

Medicinal Uses of Medical Marijuana for MMJ Card

As the scientific evidence supporting the many benefits of medical marijuana over other medications prescribed by doctors for various diseases and other ailments increases by the day, more and more doctors and medical experts are beginning to concede that medical marijuana's efficacy in treating a wide range of diseases out-weights any potential side-effects of using marijuana for medicinal purposes.  In fact, very minimal side effects were detected in clinical studies.  Of the few side effects reported from the use of medical marijuana, at worst, only mild temporary adverse effects were reported.  Moreover, no serious toxic reactions were found in any case.  This finding is unheard of for nearly all pharmaceutical drugs. It appears quite clear then, that recent studies in the field of medicinal use of marijuana and effects of medical marijuana on the body and mind have counteracted much of the propaganda pushed by the press in support of the ill-informed "War on Drugs"

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