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Purple Rhino Strain | Best Indica Marijuana Strains

Purple Rhino Cannabis Strain Information

Purple Rhino is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis created by crossbreeding the White Rhino strain (nearly pure indica) with The Purps strain (roughly 60% sativa and 40% indica).

Purple Rhino Strain Potency

Purple Rhino classifies as a High Potency Indica/Sativa marijuana strain, with an above average THC content of 15% to 20% when properly treated and cured.

Purple Rhino Strain Medical Uses

As a indica dominant cross-bread with noticeable sativa traits, the Purple Rhino strain is used medicinally for a wide range of ailments and illnesses. In particular, it is often recommended in the treatment of chronic pain and insomnia. Purple Rhino has also been prescribed to enhance appetite. Personally, I smoke Purple Rhino on a nightly basis (sometimes with a little hash) as my "sleepy time" herbal medicine, and it works every time!


  1. Anonymous1:32:00 PM

    The appetite increases quite a bit, thats a negative thing for me. I don't want that. Won't try PR again.

  2. Anonymous9:01:00 AM

    This is the first strain that halp with nerve pain form shingles. I've had the nerve pain going on 2/2 years now.

  3. Anonymous7:44:00 AM

    Herm genetics! Watch out

  4. Anonymous8:10:00 AM

    Anyone knows where can i find seeds of this charm???

  5. Anonymous1:38:00 PM

    My wife says it increases her appetite which is not a plus, however she like the way it creeps up on you. Creepy weed. I like the way it gently relaxes you. It seems like a real good mix of Indica and Sativa. We have it here in Seattle area. Very nice medicine indeed.

  6. Anonymous8:25:00 AM

    I have had shingles nerve pain for almost 4 years now this helps


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