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The Releaf Center Dispensary Reviews Denver, Colorado


The Releaf Center Denver

The Releaf Center is one of Denver's favorite medical marijuana dispensaries. Located in the popular Highlands neighborhood, near Downtown Denver, The Relief Center provides medical marijuana, extracts and smoking devices to Colorado MMJ patients. 

The Releaf Center Dispensary of Denver

The Relief Center

Dispensary location:
The Relief Center
2000 West 32nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80211

Hours of operation: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

 The Releaf Center Menu

Gram:  $11
Eighth: $35
Quarter ounce:$65
Half ounce: $120
1 Ounce:$225

Extracts (price per gram)
Kief: $15
Earwax: $40
Shatter: $40
Raw honey oil: $30
Refined honey oil: $35
Bubble hash: $40

Dixie Edibles ($10 to $40)
Blue Kudu ($10 to $15)
Beyond Mars ($10 to $15)
Dr. J's ($13 to $25)
Chebba Chews
Edipure ($20)
Healthy Creations ($10)
MarQaha ($8 to $12)
Mountain Medicine ($12)
Organa Labs ($12 to $150)

The Relief Center Dispensary Reviews

If you've got MMJ meds from the Relief Center in Denver?  Share your experience with the Denver medical marijuana dispensary by submitting a comment below.  Tell us what you thought of The Relief Center's menu, prices, staff, etc.

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