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357 Magnum LED Grow Lights Review


357 Magnum Led Grow Light Review | Where to Buy Magnum Led Grow Lights

Many of those interested in Hydroponics, or growing plants without the use of soil, are now turning to LED, or light-emitting diode.  LED lights produce light when electricity currents pass through its circuit.  LED lighting lacks filament resulting in a more narrow and focused light. Because the light is powered by electricity, it is consistent and able to give plants the exact combination of positively charged electrons and photons, the equivalent to constant rays of outdoor sunlight.  In environments lacking natural sunlight, LED lights can act as a constant source of sun, allowing the indoor plants to receive the proper nutrients they need to grow. For those living in bigger cities that might not have the space for soil and plants, LED lighting provides an option that allows plants normally grown outside to be grown indoors or in smaller spaces with the same success.


What Sets the Magnum LED light apart from other grow lights?

The 357 Magnum LED Grow Light is one of the highest quality hydroponic products for sale today, and one of the few sold at a reasonable price. Their use of Spectrol Spectrum control and Focused Beam Technology set 357 Magnum LED Grow Lights apart from competitors. In fact, Spectrol Spectrum control is a proprietary system designed to allow the LED lighting systems higher compatibility, as users can switch between specific flower, vegetation and full spectrum growing modes. 357 Magnum LED Grow Lights also employs Focused Beam Technology, using several different angled lenses ranging from 60 to 90 degrees. After extensive prototyping and live grow research, 357 Magnum LED Grow Lights were developed to allow users maximum canopy saturation as well as massive flower production as a wider length of plants can be reached with one light system.

With the right combination of watering, heat, CO2 augmentation, and plant care, the 357 Magnum LED Grow Light can bring a greater harvest of plants and vegetation than natural sunlight or HID growing environments. With too harsh of light, plants are left dehydrated as they reactive negatively to the sunlight and high temperatures. The 357 Magnum LED Grow Light remains a constant and average temperature (around 70 degrees) to ensure plants are given the correct amount of heat. The growing environment and temperature both affect the plant metabolism greatly. If a plant’s metabolism is slowed, growers will see less volume, yield and growth. The 357 Magnum LED Grow Light produce so little heat that plants can benefit from CO2 augmentation whereas, in traditional HID growing environments, the growers would need to purchase fans and air conditioning tools to ensure the excess heat remains under control.

In addition to the perfect temperatures and ideal growing environment produced by 357 Magnum LED Grow Lights, the company uses only the highest quality materials in their systems. While companies are cutting quality to save cost, 357 Magnum LED Grow Lights continued to be made using Bridgelux and Epistar 3Watt products, ensuring they are made to last.

Not all LED lights are made the same, greatly impacting the Hydroponics industry. It is imperative those interested in growing larger and more bountiful plants understand the quality of 357 Magnum LED Grow Lights, as well as their benefits to growing of plants.

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