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Romulan Medical Marijuana Strain Review


Romulan Strain Review

Romulan Medical Marijuana Strain Information


Available at many Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, the Romulan Strain medical marijuana strain cannabis variety has been crowned Canada's most popular medical marijuana strain, or the most popular marijuana strain breed in Canada.  Romulan medicinal cannabis is highly regarded by cannabis clinics, Patient Co-Ops, Patients, MMJ doctors and medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and other legal medical marijuana states.  In fact, it is one of the top selling medicinal marijuana strain varieties typically found at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis clinics or Co-Ops in other legal medical marijuana states.

The popularity of the Romulan medical marijuana strain cannabis variety is not unfounded.  Romulan medical marijuana is attractive in appearance, a great strain to grow (for reasons detailed in the section Growing Romulan Strain Marijuana Plants below) and wonderful to smoke.  This particular sample of Romulan I obtained from the Colorado medical marijuana dispensary 420 Highways Idaho Springs.

Romulan Strain Type 

Romulan cannabis medical marijuana strain variety is a potent indica medical marijuana strain.  Pure indica marijuana strains are somewhat rare to come by at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Boulder and most other cities.  Romulan is more heavily indica dominant than most strains ò cannabis found at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries and comes close to a pure indica strain of medical marijuana.

Romulan Strain Genetics/Lineage

Romulan Strain marijuana has been around for over thirty years.  The strain is of Columbian and Korean origins.

Romulan Strain Appearance/Odor

Romulan has a very attractive and quite unique appearance.  While light green in color, Romulan has a definite white tint due in part to the marijuana strains heavy coating of unusually white crystals.  Long light green trichomes, or hairs are another identifiable trait of Romulan marijuana buds.  Another notable feature of Romulan is it's light weight.  Romulan is one of the less dense marijuana strains available at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.

Romulan emits a scent common to a large number of indica marijuana strains.  A fresh, citrusy pine smell is typical Romulan marijuana.

Effects of Smoking Romulan Strain Marijuana

Normally with a THC content of around 17%, Romulan ranks as a high potency, top-shelf medical marijuana strain.  It is highly indica dominant.  It's indica lineage and potency are both evident in the effects of Romulan.  While effects of medical marijuana strains will differ for each medical marijuana patient, a highly relaxing body high accompanied by a mild head high is often experienced from the use of Romulan medial marijuana.

Growing Romulan Marijuana Plants

Because Romulan is a relatively easy marijuana strain to grow, it is a good marijuana strain for beginners or cultivating to grow. Romulan cannabis plants can be grown in soil or using a hydroponic growing system.  Romulan can be grown indoors using artificial lighting or outdoors.  When grown indoors, Romulan marijuana should be ready to harvest by the middle of October.

Indoor growing is best for most top-shelf medical marijuana strains.  When growing Romulan cannabis indoors, best results - i.e. best quality, largest harvest, It is important to use quality nutrients when growing any strain of quality cannabis.

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