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Relax with Bordello from Kind Love

Bordello strain from Kind Love Bordello strain from Kind Love marijuana dispensary in Denver . A heavy indica testing with a THC level just over 15 percent!

Big Budda Cheese MMJ Strain Review

Big Buddha Cheese strain Big Buddha Cheese strain strain is a powerful indica pot strain. MMJ industry awards have recognized Big Buddha Cheese strain as one of the world's best indica weed strains. It is sold at medical marijuana dispensaries accross Colorado . Strain Type: Indica dominant Lineage: Afghani x Original UK Cheese backcross Indoor Flowering Time:  7 to 9 weeks. Effects: Long-lasting, uplifting high Awards: 3rd Place at People's Cup for Homegrown Fantasy (2004) Named HIGH TIMES Top Ten Strain of the Year (2005) 1st Place at HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Indica (2006) Big Buddha Cheese strain reviews  Have you smoked Big Buddha Cheese strain marijuana? Post your reviews of Big Buddha Cheese marijuana below?

Bubba Kush Strain (Best Indica Marijuana Strains)

Bubba Kush Strain Review Bubba Kush is without question on of the best Indica strains available at medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado , meaning it's one of the best Indicas available period.  With a clear, earthy, hash like scent that will make your mouth water and an ultra-relaxing full body high, Bubba Kush strain is a hot item on dispensary menus across Colorado.  Typical THC levels of Bubba Kush strain  are on the average to high end for medicinal strains, generally ranging from 15% to 20%. Bubba Kush Marijuana Seeds For those with a valid medical marijuana license in Colorado, or other states with legal medicinal marijuana use, Bubba Kush seeds are fairly easy to come across.  The best route to take to find real Bubba Kush cannabis seeds will be to consult with budtenders at a nearby dispensary.  If you don't have a medical marijuana card and are trying to find Bubba Kush seeds there are many reliable seed banks and cannabis seed suppliers that you can

Romulan Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Romulan Strain Review Romulan Medical Marijuana Strain Information Overview: Available at many Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, the Romulan Strain medical marijuana strain cannabis variety has been crowned Canada's most popular medical marijuana strain, or the most popular marijuana strain breed in Canada.  Romulan medicinal cannabis is highly regarded by cannabis clinics, Patient Co-Ops, Patients, MMJ doctors and medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and other legal medical marijuana states.  In fact, it is one of the top selling medicinal marijuana strain varieties typically found at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis clinics or Co-Ops in other legal medical marijuana states. The popularity of the Romulan medical marijuana strain cannabis variety is not unfounded.  Romulan medical marijuana is attractive in appearance, a great strain to grow (for reasons detailed in the section Growing Romulan Strain Marijuana Plants below) and wonde

Ingrid Marijuana Strain Review

Ingrid Medical Marijuana Strain Review Ingrid Strain Review: Info Breakdown Overall Grade for Ingrid Strain: B Marijuana Strain Type: Indica Ingrid Strain Potency: Mid to High Potency cannabis Effects of Ingrid Strain Marijuana: Relaxing body high Ingrid Strain Smell/Taste: Pungent skunkish odor Growing Ingrid Medical Marijuana Plants: Easy to Intermediate Typical Flowering Time Ingrid Strain Marijuana Plants: 54 to 66 days  How to Best Grow Ingrid Strain Cannabis: Indoors; HPS lighting; hydroponic system or soil; starting with seeds or clones. Ingrid Strain Sample Obtained from: The Walking Raven Dispensary Ingrid Strain Review: Appearance/Texture Ingrid strain is a quality medical marijuana strain that is becoming increasingly popular among MMJ patients and recreational users of marijuana.  It is more dense and of a lighter tone green than most indica strains, or medical marijuana strains in general.  Ingred strain cannabis buds are dense, ti

Grand Daddy Purple Strain (AKA Granddaddy Purps or GDP) Review

Review of  Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain Grand Daddy Purple strain , also known as Granddaddy Purps or simple GDP is a popular marijuana strain at medical marijuana dispensaries, among MMJ patients, and recreational marijuana users.  Grand Daddy Purple strain marijuana is a potent indica cannabis variety.  Granddaddy Purple strain marijuana buds are dark green color, common of indica dominant strains, with a unique purple overtone and dark orange hairs. Granddaddy Purple strain marijuana normally has a very pungent odor and sticky texture.

Shiva Skunk Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Shiva Skunk Shiva Skunk Strain Info Shiva Skunk Type: Indica hybrid Shiva Skunk THC Content: 15% - 20% (High) Shiva Skunk Buzz: Psychedelically Stoney Taste / Smell: Pungent, Sweet Shiva Skunk Lineage: Northern Lights # 5 x Skunk 18.5 (f-3a) Shiva Skunk Strain Yield: 420 grams per m2 Flowering Time: 44-55 days (normally 7 to 8 weeks) Shiva Skunk Strain Seed Prices: $8.05 to $16.75  Shiva Skunk Seed Bank: Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk Marijuana Strain Review Shiva Skunk marijuana strain is one of hundreds of medical grade marijuana strains that are available for medical marijuana patients to buy at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, California and other U.S. states that have decriminalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes.  Named after the Hindu god Shiva, the Lord of Bhang, many MMJ patients and marijuana growers consider Shiva marijuana strain to be a godsend. Along side Lemon Skunk marijuana strain and Sour Diesel,

White Shark Strain Review

White Shark Medical Marijuana Strain White Shark , also referred to by many as Peacemaker , is a marijuana strain that produces dense colas  with a heavy coating of resin, and earning the 'white' in its title "white shark".  White Shark buds are of a slightly lighter tone than  most  strains of marijuana and reveal an ample amount of hairs that should be dark orange to brown in color.  White Shark produces a fruity odor that is fairly pungent. White Shark Review White Shark Potency and High White Shark is a High Potency strain of cannabis, with THC levels ranging from 15% to 20% when properly cultivated and cured .  As an indica dominant strain, parented by Super Skunk, and Brazilian and South Indian Strains, White Shark gets the 'shark' in it's title from the intense body buzz it bestows before your bowl is cashed.  Still some mild effects common to  sativa strains are evident in the White Shark high.   White Shark Medical Qua

Blueberry Medical Marijuana Strain Review, Info & Effects

Blueberry Strain Review Blueberry marijuana strains.  This beautiful berry marijuana strain, in a similar fashion to its accomplice - the AK-47 marijuana strain - is among the most well know and favored cannabis strains for both growers and medical marijuana patients.   Blueberry marijuana is a sativa/indica blend, however, most varieties of the blueberry marijuana strains are indica dominant.  It doesn't take to many experiences with Blueberry before one realizes that indica dominant sativa/indica blends make up the large majority of Blueberry marijuana strains. Given the "berry" name it should come at no surprise that Blueberry Maryjane admits of a strong, almost intense, yet pleasant and citrus fruit aroma and fruity taste that often accompanies many of the "fruity" or "berry" marijuana strains. Blue berry Strain Inf ormation Blueberry's Potency Blueberr y is with out any question one of the more powerful Indica marij

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