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Breckenridge Marijuana Dispensaries


Where to Buy Marijuana in Breckenridge, Colorado

Under state law, Amendment 20 gives Colorado medical marijuana patients the legal right to use medical marijuana for medicinal purposes, as recommended by a doctor; while Amendment 64 allows for the sale of recreational marijuana to non MMJ card holders over age 21. While some Colorado cities and towns have put forth legislation to keep medical marijuana dispensaries out of their city limits, in cities such as Breckenridge, the supply of marijuana is plentiful, the cannabis industry is booming and people can conveniently purchase marijuana from a dispensary when needed.

A number of top Colorado marijuana dispensaries are located in the ski town of Breckenridge. Breckenridge medical dispensaries serve the needs of Colorado medical marijuana patients; Recreational dispensaries in Breckenridge cater to recreational marijuana users from in and out of state.

Breckenridge Marijuana Dispensaries

Not only a great vacation destination with terrific skiing and snowboarding, thanks to the above mentioned MMJ dispensaries, Breckenridge Colorado is now a good town to obtain quality marijuana product and services. Below is a complete list of the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Breckenridge.

Map of Dispensaries in Breckenridge

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