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Golden Goat Marijuana Strain Review, Info + Pictures

Golden Goat Strain Review Golden Goat Strain medical marijuana is a popular cannabis strain among Colorado medical marijuana patients.  It seems to fly off the shelves at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries and is so for good reason. Golden Goat Strain Info Golden Goat Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Golden Goat Strain Info Overall Grade: A Strain Type: Satvia Dominant Hybrid Appearance: Bright light green; light orange hairs; dense. Smell: bland scent before grinding; pungent, sweet, citrus lemony odor once ground or broken. Taste: sweet, dank citrus taste with a heavy smoke Effects: strong yet mellow mind high with relaxing body high Duration: 1 dose (0.7 grams) should last 2 to 3 hours Characteristics of Golden Goat Marijuana Strain   Smell/Appearance/Texture Strain Smell: Golden Goat strain medical marijuana has a somewhat weak or bland odor before its broken or ground.  Once broken apart, or gowned in a bud grinder, however, golden

Medical Marijuana Dominate President Obama You Tube Question and Answer Interview

President Barack Obama again appeared live on You Tube to participate in a Question and Answer interview session yesterday, January 27, just two days after giving his 2011 State of the Union Address on Jan. 25th, and once again, the questions posed to President Barack Obama largely centered around cannabis in America and the use, legalization and taxation of medical marijuana in the U.S. According to The Huffington Post that of the first 200 highest-rated questions, 198 have to do with drug policy. The top-rated question comes from a retired police officer with the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. See what President Obama had to say. Watch the Video Now! Read more about President Barack Obama's Q&A session surrounding the prominent issue of the legal status of Cannabis in the U.S. To learn more about Colorado medical marijuana policies and MMJ laws and regulations in other legal medical marijuana states follow the link below. #1 Source for Colorado

CO Department of Revenue Takes Comments on Proposed Rules for MMJ Dispensaries

Today and tomorrow (January 28), the Colorado Department of Revenue will be holding public hearings on the proposed departmental rules that, once finalized, all Colorado dispensaries will have to follow. If you’d like to submit written comments the Colorado Department of Revenue, please do so by the end of the day. Visit the Department of Revenue website for further information. These rules are the product of a committee that included members of the Colorado medical marijuana community, seeking to clarify the rights and responsibilities of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries and their owners and staff. According to Colorado Medical Marijuana industry leaders and Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the rules will provide guidance to Colorado’s medical marijuana community so they are better able to act in clear and unambiguous compliance with the state law, thus avoiding federal scrutiny. MPP and Colorado Marijuana Connections (CMC) encourages all Colorado medical marijuana patients a

Colorado Supreme Court Rejects Marijuana Dispensary Owner's Challenge to MMJ Regulations

                                                   Nearly two weeks ago the Colorado Supreme Court recently denied a medical marijuana dispensary owner's challenge to Colorado state laws and regulations governing that were implemented last year in an attempt to govern the Colorado medical marijuana industry. Just over two weeks ago, Andrew Reid, a Denver lawyer filled a petition on behalf of the Nederland Colorado medical marijuana dispensary owner, Kathleen Chippi.  The petition claims that the regulation passed by the state Legislature last year violated Colorado's state constitution, arguing that the regulations stand in direct violation of Colorado MMJ patients' constitutional right to privacy by mandating that all transactions at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries must be recorded by video surveillance... Read More . Find More Colorado Medical Marijuana Resources for Dispensaries, medical marijuana patients and other MMJ businesses, including Colorado medic

Woodland Park Medical Marijuana | Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Woodland Park Colorado

Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics in Woodland Park are permitted to legally dispense cannabis, other marijuana infused products, smoking accessories and marijuana plants to Colorado medical marijuana patients that can display a valid Colorado state medical marijuana card. Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics in Woodland Park prove a wide range of much needed medical marijuana medications, products and services to Colorado MMJ patients living in or near Woodland Park.  Not only do Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Woodland Park offer Colorado MMJ patients with a good selection of top-shelf cannabis strains and concentrates, but they go above and beyond the call of duty by providing Colorado Medical Marijuana patients with an array of other products and special services, including smoking accessories, access to in-house MMJ doctors for medical marijuana card referrals, marijuana delivery services, and many other MMJ resources an

Windsor Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Trying to find Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics near Windsor?  Windsor is a little city in Northern Colorado that is part of Larimer County and Weld County and is home to some 14,000 people.  Many Colorado medical marijuana patients live in Windsor and other parts of Norther Colorado. Northern Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries provide a diverse range of medicinal marijuana products and services to Northern Colorado MMJ Patients, including access to top-shelf cannabis strains, concentrates, marijuana edibles and drinks, and other marijuana infused products intended for medicinal use.  In addition, Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clinics in the town of Windsor sell cannabis clones to allow MMJ patients to grow their own marijuana for medicinal use and offer a number of exclusive services, such as marijuana home-delivery services, educational classes, growing advise and much more. To find a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map