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Ingrid Marijuana Strain Review

Ingrid Medical Marijuana Strain Review Ingrid Strain Review: Info Breakdown Overall Grade for Ingrid Strain: B Marijuana Strain Type: Indica Ingrid Strain Potency: Mid to High Potency cannabis Effects of Ingrid Strain Marijuana: Relaxing body high Ingrid Strain Smell/Taste: Pungent skunkish odor Growing Ingrid Medical Marijuana Plants: Easy to Intermediate Typical Flowering Time Ingrid Strain Marijuana Plants: 54 to 66 days  How to Best Grow Ingrid Strain Cannabis: Indoors; HPS lighting; hydroponic system or soil; starting with seeds or clones. Ingrid Strain Sample Obtained from: The Walking Raven Dispensary Ingrid Strain Review: Appearance/Texture Ingrid strain is a quality medical marijuana strain that is becoming increasingly popular among MMJ patients and recreational users of marijuana.  It is more dense and of a lighter tone green than most indica strains, or medical marijuana strains in general.  Ingred strain cannabis buds are dense, ti

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