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Best Boulder Marijuana Dispensaries

Boulder's Best Dispensaries

Scroll over the Boulder Dispensaries map below to get the location and details of the best dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado.  You'll need to look no further than the dispensaries listed below to have access to all Boulder's best marijuana strains, concentrates and edibles.

This map features the top medical marijuana dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado.  You can find all the best strains and dispensary deals in and around the City of Boulder using the map below.

Map of Boulder's Best Marijuana Dispensaries

What are the Top Dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado?

boulder weed

The list below includes all the dispensaries featured in the map of Boulder MMJ dispensaries above.  These are the  top marijuana dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado based on marijuana price, quality of meds, and customer service, and other elements the staff at MarijuanaConnections deemed important factors for picking the best marijuana dispensaries in Boulder.

Featured Boulder Dispensaries  

3000 Folsom Street  
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (303) 993-7932

More Good Marijuana Dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Meds

1325 Broadway #216
Boulder, CO 80302

North Boulder Wellness Center

1495 Yarmouth Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304
(720) 328-0118

Village Green Society

2043 16th Street
 Boulder, CO 80302 
Phone: (720) 746-9064

Boulder Kind Care LLC

2031 16th Street Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (720) 235-4232 

The Farm

2801 Iris Avenue 
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (303) 440-1323

Boulder Vital Herbs

2850 Iris Avenue 
Boulder, CO 80301 
Phone: (720) 335-6525   

High Grade Alternatives

Boulder CO 80303

Boulder Wellness Center

5420 Arapahoe Ave. 
Boulder, CO 80303 
Phone: (303) 442-2565 

Colorado Care Inc

2850 Iris Ave 
Boulder, CO 80301 
Phone: (303) 250-9066   

Helping Hands Herbal LLC

l2714 28th St 
Boulder, CO 80301 
Phone: (303) 444-1564

Boulder MMJ

1909 Broadway Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302 
Phone: (303) 862-4064 

Root Organic MMC

5420 Arapahoe Avenue 
Boulder, CO 80303 
Phone: (303) 443-0240 

Boulder Medical Marijuana Center 

2206 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80304 
Phone: (303) 449-2888

Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensary

2111 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (303) 449-2663
1738 Pearl Street #100M 
Boulder, CO 80302 
Phone: (303) 945-4074

Top Shelf Alternatives

1327 Spruce St, Ste 300 (3rd Floor) 
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (303) 459-5335 

The Greenest Green

 5290 Arapahoe Avenue
 Boulder, CO 80303 
Phone: (303) 953-2852

For consideration to be included in the list and map above please reach out to us here.


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Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map