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Steamboat Today: Local marijuana strain takes top honors at Cannabis Crown

Steamboat Springs — The medical marijuana in Steamboat Springs is tops in Colorado. And that’s not just blowing smoke. Local dispensary Rocky Mountain Remedies won top honors for the best strain of medical marijuana at the inaugural Western Slope Cannabis Crown in Aspen this past weekend. The Kandy Kush strain, grown in Steamboat, beat out entries from 140 other participants and won the growers a trip to the 23rd annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam this November. Get the Entire Story at Steamboat Today: Local marijuana strain takes top honors at Cannabis Crown

Purple Rhino Strain | Best Indica Marijuana Strains

Purple Rhino Cannabis Strain Information Purple Rhino is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis created by crossbreeding the White Rhino strain (nearly pure indica) with The Purps strain (roughly 60% sativa and 40% indica). Purple Rhino Strain Potency Purple Rhino classifies as a High Potency Indica/Sativa marijuana strain, with an above average THC content of 15% to 20% when properly treated and cured. Purple Rhino Strain Medical Uses As a indica dominant cross-bread with noticeable sativa traits, the Purple Rhino strain is used medicinally for a wide range of ailments and illnesses. In particular, it is often recommended in the treatment of chronic pain and insomnia. Purple Rhino has also been prescribed to enhance appetite. Personally, I smoke Purple Rhino on a nightly basis (sometimes with a little hash) as my "sleepy time" herbal medicine, and it works every time!

Medical Pot Business Poised For Huge Growth

Medical Pot Business Poised For Huge Growth PREV 1 of 3 NEXT TED S. WARREN / AP After a recent shootout at the home of medical-marijuana activist Steve Sarich, police found 375 pot plants, $10,700 in cash and a stack of credit-card receipts showing Sarich's business had collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from pot-related sales and services in just a few weeks. To read the Complete Story by Susan Kelleher and Mark Rahner from the Seatle Times CLICK HERE

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