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Raspberry Cough Marijuana Strain Review + Info


Raspberry Cough Strain

Lineage: Kambodga x Ice F1
Flowering: 9 to 10 weeks; Photoperiod
THC Content: High (around 24%)
Type: Sativa Dominant

Raspberry Cough is a sativa dominant strain with a ratio of approximately 70 to 30 sativa to indica.


Smoking a large bowl or joint (say just under a gram) of Raspberry Cough should be enough to get veteran weed smokers high.  Raspberry Cough strain delivers a clear and mellow head high with an accompanying relaxing yet non-tiring body high.

Appearance, Texture, Smell

Raspberry Cough is a good looking strain of weed.  When properly grown, Raspberry Cough nugs are medium to large (2 to 5 inches) and dense yet easy to breakup in your fingers, a feature that makes rolling joints, blunts or spliffs easy and convenient.

True to its name, Raspberry Cough emits a citrus scent that is complimented by a spicy fragrance.

Where to get good Raspberry Cough weed?

The best Raspberry Cough we've come across since we began reviewing medical marijuana strains in 2009 comes from Louisville's +AlterMeds Dispensary.  Check out the photo above.  It's an actual picture of Raspberry Cough strain purchased from AlterMeds of Louisville, Colorado.

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