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How to Grow Marijuana in Colorado


How to Grow Marijuana in Colorado

Growing Marijuana in Colorado

Under Colorado state law, medicinal marijuana patients can purchase or grow marijuana for their own personal use as long as they have a valid medical marijuana license, which they've obtained through a doctor’s prescription, or written consent. In general, state laws in Colorado, as one might expect, have in become more lenient to charges involving marijuana. For instance, the punishments for people without a medical marijuana card that are caught with minor amounts of weed and charged with possession has become less severe.  Although licensed marijuana users are permitted by law to grow their own marijuana (with limits) anyone who is not a patient could face a serious fine or imprisonment if they are caught without the proper licensing and charged with marijuana possession, cultivating marijuana, or selling it.

Because the legal consequences for those unlawfully cultivating cannabis in Colorado, even those with a valid medical marijuana card, can be quite serious, for those who chose to grow their own pot for medicinal purposes, it's crucial to be careful and take extra precautions to avoid detection by local law Colorado authorities, as well as federal law enforcement agencies.  Browse the articles above to learn how to grow marijuana in Colorado.

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