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Mile High Remedies Denver Marijuana Dispensary Review


Mile High Remedies Denver, Colorado

Dispensary Information: 

Mile High Remedies
4155 E Jewell Ave. Suite 310
Denver, CO 80222

Mile High Remedies offers a wide range of services includes doctor evaluations, medicine, edibles, tinctures, lotions, clones, and pipes. Though the clones did not look that healthy and the prices were seemed a little steep across the board.

If you decide to let Mile High Remedies be you're primary caregiver, they give you a 10% discount on all purchases, which really only brings the price down to average, about $50 for one eighth. So far I have only tried their free "initial mid-grade" medical marijuana, and with plenty of several seeds and plenty of stems, I was less than satisfied. However, the caregiver did warn it was for beginners to build up tolerance.

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