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Medical Marijuana Benefits the Colorado Economy and Resident’s State of Mind

Medical marijuana is legal in 15 states and Washington D.C.—but only after extreme movements to get laws passed.  It was definitely worth the fight for Colorado, however, because medical marijuana has improved the economy and well being of chronic pain sufferers within the state. Benefits of Medical Marijuana to the Colorado Economy Since it’s also legal for Colorado residents to grown the Medical marijuana, legalization of the drug has brought plenty of economical benefits to Colorado residents. With hundreds of medical marijuana stores, jobs have been created that would have either not existed, or been illegal in prior years (in the case that those same people sold marijuana illegally). On top of job openings for those qualified or licensed to sell medical marijuana, jobs were also created for residents who grow the herb to sell to the dealers. How Medical Marijuana Helps Coloradans With an additional tax on medical marijuana, those buying it for medical reasons help bri

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map