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The Kind Room - Denver, CO Dispensary Review

The Kind Room MMJ Dispensary The Kind Room is a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary located in a safe, secure location of Denver, CO.  The Kind Room medical marijuana dispensary or cannabis clinic provides Colorado MMJ patients with a friendly environment, compassionate staff that is knowledgeable on medical marijuana strains, medical qualities, growing and much more. The Kind Room medical marijuana dispensary or cannabis clinic has been in business for over 3 years, during which the variety and quality of their medical marijuana and other meds has only increased.  The Kind Room offers a variety of MMJ products and services to Colorado medical marijuana patients in and around the city of Denver, including over 30 unique local, indoor and organic cannabis strains, concentrates, marijuana clones for growing your own pot and normally offers special deals to new patients and issues coupons. Of the over 30 medical marijuana strains available at The Kind Room dispensary, some o

The Little Green Pharmacy - Denver Dispensary Review

The Little Green Pharmacy Dispensary Address The Little Green Pharmacy 1331 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210-2204 Phone: (303) 722-2133 View Larger Map The Little Green Pharmacy Review The Little Green Pharmacy is a small medical marijuana dispensary located on South Broadway, near CAM , The Herbal Center and Broadway Wellness , to name a few. Even without the name, the building is easy to identify as a dispensary due to the large marijuana leaf fixed over the building. If you are headed South on Broadway, the building will be on your right and, as I mentioned, it is difficult to miss or mistake for another business. In addition to a variety of edibles, tinctures, and clones, The Little Green Pharmacy is home to over 30 strains of cannabis. Of their average to large variety of cannabis strains, most are Sativa dominant, though an ample selection of different Indica strains are also available. Further, The Little Green Pharmacy is equip with

Colorado Alternative Medication (CAM) Dispensary Review

CAM Dispensary - Denver CAM Dispensary Information: Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM) 2394 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210 Hours: 11 AM - 7 PM Colorado Alternative Medicine Review If Colorado Alternative Medicine's catchy logo design "CAM," easily viewable from a crowded section Broadway Ave., doesn't bring you in to visit the caregivers at Colorado Alternative Medicine for your medical marijuana needs, their wide variety of medical marijuana strains and occasional specials will likely catch the attention of Colorado MMJ patients. Colorado Alternative Wellness is one of several  Denver medical marijuana dispensaries  located excellent locations on Broadway Ave. in Southwest Denver.  Colorado Alternative Wellness occupies a slightly nicer than usual building than most Denver medical marijuana dispensaries. If is you're first time there expect to spend 15 - 30 minutes for the staff at CAM to copy and process your paperwork.

The Herbal Center | Denver Marijuana Dispensary Review

The Herbal Center (THC) Dispensary Review The Herbal Center (THC) 1909 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210 The Herbal Center of Denver Dispensary Review The Herbal Center (THC) Featured Cannabis Strains: White Widow Durban Poison Ultimate Indica Mr. Miyagi Power Plant Opium AK-47 Afghan Kush Bubblegum   Sour Diesel XXX Sour Maui While I've had several experiences now at The Herbal Center (THC), I've still only been able to sample a selected variety of their strains, and edibles including Mountain Medicine medicines as well as in-house and a variety of other edibles. For this reason the current rating above, is only a standing rating and is likely to change as our Marijuana Review Crew samples additional medicinal products from The Herbal Center (THC). I must say that my first impression was that the place was a bit "ghetto," from the clientele exiting THC's facility, to the one way white shaded windows. Once checked

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