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Where to get Weed in Colorado

Where and How to Buy Pot in Colorado Now that marijuana use in Colorado is legal not only for medicinal use by registered MMJ patients, but for recreational use by any adult that's a resident of the state, a lot of people who don't have a medical marijuana card are wondering where and how they're supposed to buy pot.  Laws governing recreational marijuana have not yet been set.  Marijuana dispensaries and licensed caregivers will not sell pot to anyone without a medical marijuana license.  And it's against the law to sell marijuana without obtaining state authorization and licensing. So where are those who want to take advantage of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado supposed to buy weed without braking state law?  Strange enough, even though marijuana use and possession is legal in Colorado, at this time there is no way for non-MMJ patents to legally obtain pot. Roadside Marijuana Sign Waver in Denver, Colorado Before January 1st, 2014, the way Col

New Strains, Specials & Hours at Altitude Dispensary in Denver

New Weed Strains & Deals at Altitude Dispensary of Denver, Colorado Altitude The Dispensary in Denver, Colorado announces new dispensary deals and savings on cannabis and the arrival of new top-shelf cannabis strains and concentrates. Indica Strains OG 18xBubba Kush God Bud Afgooey Confidential Cheese Sativa Strains Sour Diesel Super Silver Haze Tangerine Haze Strawberry Cough Durban Poison Hybrid Strains Qrazy Train UK Cheese Dairy Queen Jilly Bean Waxes + Shatter Blue Dream OGxBK Purple Haze Sour Diesel Trainwreck Summit Sweet Skunk New Altitude Dispensary Hours Beginning Monday, May 6 Altitude The Dispensary will open 1 hour earlier! New Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM to 7 PM Weekends - 9 AM to 6 PM OZ Marijuana Specials at Altitude the Dispensary New specials are now available at Altitude the Dispensary in Denver. Dispensary Special: New low prices as low as $130 per OZ (this week only).

Beyond Mars Gronola Bar Edible Review

Beyond Mars (Granola Bar) Marijuana Edible THC Content 100 mg Type of Edible Granola Bar Ingredients Oats, honey, almonds, peanuts, seeds, sun dried cranberries & apricots, peanut butter, brown sugar,activated hash oil, vanilla and butter Price $7.00 to $8.00

Join The Clinic Dispensary for Walk MS 2013

The Clinic assembles Walk MS Team The Clinic has put together a team to participate in the annual Walk MS fundraiser. The Clinic, a well known Colorado marijuana dispensary with a handful of locations scattered across Denver and the Colorado Front Range area. The Clinic is putting together the team to participate in the Walk MS event in order to help the National MS Society Colorado-Wyoming Chapter raise money for research, provide support for change, and help those with MS.

Cannitrol – Stop Using Marijuana??

Quitting Pot Use with Cannitrol Cannitrol is a natural formulation that eases taking a break from using cannabis. For some people, stopping marijuana use can mean headaches, irritability, mood swings, the inability to sleep, petulance, not getting along with others and generally acting like a jackass. Many people use Cannabis to alleviate symptoms of mental distress, stress and anxiety, which can offer relief but often it masks problems until they grow too large to disregard. Steady marijuana use can often become a problem as it can cause new issues.

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