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Golden Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Golden Medical Marijuana Colorado Medical marijuana dispensaries are permitted to distribute medical marijuana and associated medicinal cannabis products to Colorado residents with a valid State Medical Marijuana License.  Golden is located in Jefferson County, near two of Colorado cities that may be considered the center of the Colorado medical marijuana industry.  The city Golden service Colorado medical marijuana patients living in the city of Golden, as well as other other parts of Jefferson County and the State of Colorado. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Golden, Colorado To find a medical marijuana dispensary in the city of Golden, browse the list of top Golden Colorado Medical Marijuana below. Golden Alternative Care 807 14th st., Suite A Golden, CO 80401 Rocky Mountain Organic Care 420 Corporate Circle, Suite I Golden, CO 80401 Cannabis in Golden, Colorado Golden is a wonderful Colorado city situated at the base of the foothills of

Glenwood Springs Marijuana Dispensaries | Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Glenwood Springs As part of Colorado's initiative to legalize the marijuana use for medicinal purposes, several medical marijuana dispensaries have opened their doors to serve the needs of Colorado medical marijuana patients living in and around the city of Glenwood Springs,CO. Marijuana dispensaries in Glenwood Springs provide medical marijuana patients a variety of products and services, including a good selection of top-shelf medical marijuana strains , with a wide variety of indica cannabis strains, sativa cannabis strains and hybrid indica/sativa medical marijuana strains. marijuana infused edibles, drinks and other products, clones for growing their own plants and an array of medical marijuana smoking accessories. To find a Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Glenwood Springs, browse the Glenwood Springs Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Directory below. Glenwood Springs Dispensaries Green Medicine Wellness 1030 Grand Ave. Gle

Lower Prices for Better Bud? Market Prices for Marijuana Approach Equilibrium

The cannabis trade and other businesses associated with the legal use of marijuana  for medicinal purposes as deemed appropriate by a licensed doctor in legal medical marijuana states, especially in Colorado and California, has quickly become a booming industry.  To get an idea of just how fast this industry has grown, consider that it has been under three years since Colorado legalized the use of medical marijuana and dispensaries began popping up across the state, and already Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries out number Starbucks locations in the state by nearly five to one. According to the medical marijuana dispensary or cannabis cannabis clinics interviewed on the CNBC Special, Marijuana USA, a  sequel to Marijuana Inc.,  the networks most watched documentary every, marijuana prices began to drop with the upsurge in the number of medical marijuana dispensaries, MMJ patients and marijuana cultivators as more U.S. states opt to become legal medical marijuana states. Marij

New Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient Doctor Restrictions

"SOME" Pot patients get state reprieve Pot patients get state reprieve after questions about their docs By Kirk Mitchell The Denver Post Posted: 11/11/2010 01:00:00 AM MST About 2,000 people who were recently notified that their state applications for Colorado medical marijuana cards were rejected because their doctors weren't eligible to refer them for the drug got a temporary reprieve Wednesday from the state. Ann Hause, an attorney for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, said the patients can continue to get marijuana until rules governing which doctors can prescribe marijuana are formalized. Hause, who appeared Wednesday at a meeting of the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee, said hearings on the issue likely won't begin until March. "They are in limbo. I can easily think that people would be confused," said Mark Salley, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The confusion ste

Grape Stomper Medical Marijuana Strain Review + Info

Grape Stomper Strain From Grape Stomper marijuana buds anomalous dark purple colored tint scattered with glistening crystals to it's unusually dense texture, sweet scent and sativa strain high, Grape Stomper strain medical marijuana is one of the more unique strains of medical marijuana that you'll come across in Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries. Grape Stomper Marijuana Strain Grape Stomper Marijuana Strain Review Grape Stomper is a Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain.  Like all medical marijuana strains, Grape Stomper will effect each person differently.  However, like most sativa dominant medicinal marijuana strains, the effects of Grape Stomper are   See the Genetics section below for information about Grape Stomper strain lineage and genetics. Grape Stomper Potency Grape Stomper is an extremely potent medical marijuana sativa strain variety.  When properly cultivated, Grape Stomper strain marijuana can reach a THC content of as high as 25%.  

Georgetown, Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana in Georgetown, Colorado Medical marijuana dispensaries in Georgetown Colorado serve the needs of medical marijuana patients in the city of Georgetown and the neighboring Clear Creek County, CO cities and towns.  Georgetown is a historic Colorado town located in the mountains west of Denver near I-70 in Clear Creek County towards the upper end of Clear Creek Valley. Georgetown medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Georgetown provide an array of medical marijuana strains , marijuana infused foods, beverages and other products as well as many medical marijuana services to Colorado MMJ patients in and around the Colorado City of Georgetown. Georgetown Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Georgetown, Colorado listed below. Clear Creek Wellness Center 1402 Argentine St. Georgetown, CO 80444 View Georgetown, Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries in a larger map If your looking for a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary tha

Garden City Medical Marijuana Dispensaries | Garden City, CO

There are only a couple of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in the town of Garden City, which is probably enough to serve the towns small population of roughly 400.  Garden City is located in Weld County, just south of the college town of Greeley, CO and the University of Northern Colorado, or UNC.  It is almost certain that Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Garden City benefit from their close proximity to the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Garden City medical marijuana dispensaries, caregivers and collectives provide a large selection of medical marijuana strains , a number of medical marijuana infused products and exclusive services to Colorado MMJ patients. Find Marijuana Dispensaries Located in the Town of Garden City Below. Cloud 9 Caregivers 2506 6th Ave. Garden City, CO 80631 The Generations Natural Medicine 2647 8th Ave. Garden City, CO 80631 Garden City is a small Colorado town, so it is not surprising that the city does not have a

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