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White Shark Strain Review

White Shark Medical Marijuana Strain White Shark , also referred to by many as Peacemaker , is a marijuana strain that produces dense colas  with a heavy coating of resin, and earning the 'white' in its title "white shark".  White Shark buds are of a slightly lighter tone than  most  strains of marijuana and reveal an ample amount of hairs that should be dark orange to brown in color.  White Shark produces a fruity odor that is fairly pungent. White Shark Review White Shark Potency and High White Shark is a High Potency strain of cannabis, with THC levels ranging from 15% to 20% when properly cultivated and cured .  As an indica dominant strain, parented by Super Skunk, and Brazilian and South Indian Strains, White Shark gets the 'shark' in it's title from the intense body buzz it bestows before your bowl is cashed.  Still some mild effects common to  sativa strains are evident in the White Shark high.   White Shark Medical Qua

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