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Where to Buy Weed in Lakewood, Colorado


Lakewood Marijuana Dispensaries

Lakewood is located just West of Denver, Colorado.  With a population approaching 150,000, the city has no shortage of medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users.  However, dispite the city's placement next to Denver, the medical marijuana epicenter of Colorado, only a handful of marijuana dispensaries exist within the city boundaries of Lakewood, Colorado.  This can make it finding a close dispensary that sells good weed a pain for local MMJ patients!

We designed the map below to help the many friendly users of medicinal cannabis in Lakewood, Colorado easily locate a good marijuana dispensary near them.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Lakewood

  1. Kind Pain Management
  1. Green Meadows Wellness
  1. Rocky Mountain Ways
  1. PostModern Health
  1. MBS Wellness Clinic
  1. Holistic Life Dispensary
  1. The Clinic on Jewell
  1. The Clinic on Wadsworth
  1. Cannamart

To add a marijuana dispensary to our Lakewood medical marijuana dispensaries map or list please contact us here.  If you've been to all the dispensaries above and are looking to try a new one you might want to checkout this map of marijuana dispensaries in Denver, CO.  If you don't mind going out of your way 15 minutes or so, the selection, quality and price of marijuana is typically better than it is Lakewood.

What's your favorite Lakewood MMJ dispensary?  Let us know by posting a comment with your opinion below.

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