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Denver HempCon 2011 Colorado Medical Marijuana Show


Colorado Marijuana Events: Denver HempCon 2011

Denver, Colorado will kick off this October with one of the medical marijuana industries largest and most popular medicinal cannabis events. The use of medical marijuana, and number of registered medical marijuana patients in Colorado and other states in the U.S. where State marijuana laws allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has been on the rise in recent years, and pro-marijuana events, such as HempCon 2011!

HempCon 2011 will take place in the Mile High City of Denver, CO Sept. 30th through October 2nd. Denver's HempCon is the last HempCon Medical Marijuana Show this year. Being HempCon's 2011 finale, the 2011 HempCon in Denver should be a event worth attending for medical marijuana patients or those interested in the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Highlights to look forward to seeing at the 2011 HempCon Medical Marijuana Show include an array of marijuana seminars featuring celebrated experts in the medical marijuana expert, a host of MMJ exhibitors in categories ranging from delivery services to dispensaries, hydroponic equipment suppliers, medical marijuana merchant services and everything in-between.

HempCon 2011 will be in Denver, CO from September 30th to October 2nd, 2011 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. Planning on attending this Colorado Cannabis Event? Buy tickets online or at gate of the HempCon 2011 Event at the Denver Merchandise Mart.

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