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Idaho Springs Marijuana Dispensaries


Idaho Springs Dispensaries

Finding quality medical marijuana from Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Idaho Springs is not difficult.  Idaho Springs.  Colorado state law and the city of Idaho Springs allow medical marijuana dispensaries to dispense cannabis and marijuana infused products to Colorado medical marijuana patients carrying a valid State Medical Marijuana Card.

Colorado marijuana dispensaries in Idaho Springs provide licensed mmj patients with a variety of medical marijuana products and services, including top-grade medical marijuana strains, THC concentrates, marijuana clones for growing medical marijuana in Colorado and much more.

MMJ Dispensaries in Idaho Springs, Colorado

To find Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries in Idaho Springs Colorado browse the Colorado Medical Marijuana Connections' Idaho Springs Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Directory below.

420 Highways
2801 Colorado Blvd.
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

Mountain Medicinals Inc
1800 Colorado Blvd., Ste 5
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

Want to find a good strain to get at a dispensary in Idaho Springs? Checkout this list of list of Marijuana Strains from A to Z with detailed reviews and info on prices, effects, growing and more.

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